MILL ON THE TRACKA simple device developed by members of the self-similar circle of Ufa city Palace of children’s creativity, shoal be useful to many tracks. It makes it very easy to create a miniature race track for sea trials models. We have seen this, having tried it, in fact: “digging,” grooves on a track is accelerated many times over.

The unit can be l-shaped design out of plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm, bonded to aluminum plates and reinforced at the junction of the wooden bar. The vertical wall of the M6 bolts attached to the engine DT-75 at 2800 rpm. Holes are drilled it in place, and to adjust the depth of milling is better to make them oval. Chuck for milling cutter Ø 5 mm we machined out of brass and put on the motor shaft. To obtain a groove of the required depth, the cutter in the provisioned device needs to be 5 mm in the lower horizontal plane.
For the formation of grooves on the straight sections of the route to the base unit is mounted, as shown in the figure, guide bar. This can be a wooden rail, pressed clamps, or metal square, fixed with bolts and wing nuts. In the latter case, along the side edges of the base with a step of 100 mm drilled holes for fixing guide; using Reiki on a fairly appropriate distances to cause risks.
(the diagram shows equipment variant fixture for milling straight grooves with wood slats)
The diagram shows equipment variant fixture for milling straight grooves with the use of wooden slats:
1 — mill Ø 5 mm, 2 — cartridge, 3 — motor DT-75 (220 V, 2300 rpm), 4 — stand vertical, plywood 12-mm, 5 — mounting bracket, 6 — horizontal plane, plywood 12-mm, 7 — holes for milling radius grooves, 8 bar for milling straight grooves, 9 — clamp, 10 — wooden block 80X80 mm.

A device for milling grooves
A device for milling grooves
Holes along the longitudinal axis of the base used to set the fixture in operating position with the milling of radius slots. This process is simple too. In the previously marked area of future alignment, drill the centers of the estimated curves, combining them in turn with the corresponding holes on the base (bar-guide, of course, must be removed) do not install bolt and drive “road works”.
Milling using the first and sixth holes will facilitate you to trim the edges of the future road cloth and fit it to the side.

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