AQUADROME TORPEDOThis little torpedo boat continues a series of models for competitions. The model is simple to manufacture and has good driving characteristics.
Construction begins with the hull. He stacked. Of 3-4 mm plywood, cut out the frames. Vicentiu them in their natural size, using tracing paper and carbon paper transferred the outlines onto plywood, cut out with a jigsaw and a handle with a file and sandpaper. Exactly the same is made the keel frame. Before assembling the set the joints two or three times smear nitrocream. This work better to do on a flat Board stocks.
Once covered with glue frames inserted into the keel frame and fasten stringers or secure them with a thread.
In the bow set wooden dugout boss. On the outside it is treated with a file and emery paper, giving a profile of the hull.
For covering use thin plywood or cardboard. Details of a covering of glue is applied to the set and attach small nails (when the shell dries, the nails can sink or pull, in the latter case, the holes close up wooden studs on glue). Ready enclosure treated with sandpaper and three or four times to coat with nitrocream. Then a thick nitroshpaklevok close up the joints and irregularities. Before painting the body a few times to cover the same putty, diluted with acetone or solvent. After two or three days, when the plaster dries, the body is cleaned with fine emery paper and glued the waterline of celluloid or thick thread. The underwater part painted in red or green colour, surface — grey, deck — brown.
Model of torpedo boats
Model of torpedo boats
Model of torpedo boats
Model torpedo boat:
1 — the Jack-rod (wire), 2 — storm guard rails (wire), 3 — vent nozzle (tree) 4 — Luc (wood, plexiglass), 5 — cleats (nails), 6 — inflatable life raft (wood, plexiglass), 7 — spire (wood, plexiglass), 8 — fender first shots (wood), 9 — anti-aircraft gun (wood tin), 10 — torpedo tube (tube of heavy paper), 11 — pilothouse (cardboard, plexiglass), 12 — pin radio antenna (wire), 13 — signal spotlight (wood, plexiglass), 14 — a distinctive fire (tin, plexiglass), 15 — signal mast (tube, wire), 16 — masthead light (Plexiglas), 17 — kotikovye fire (plexiglass), 18 — gafel (wire), 19 — tether (line), 20 — radar antenna (pipe wood), 21 — engine room vestibule (tin, wood), 22 — depth charge (tree), 23 — apparatus smokescreen (wood), 24 — flagpole (wire), 25 — hamborsky fire (plexiglass), 26 — propeller (brass), 27 — stern tube (tube, brass), 28 is the motor 29, the rudder blade (tin), 30 — the aft hatch (wood, plexiglass), 31 trap logging (wire, sheet), 32 — lattice flooring of the wheelhouse, (wood, Plexiglas), 33 — Paulus, 34 — bow anchor (brass, plexiglass or wood).
If painting use an oil paint, then primed the model with nitrocream is not necessary: it is sufficient to impregnate the covering and the deck with varnish or oil pack. Putty normal use under oil paint (sifted chalk or tooth powder mix in linseed oil in this mixture, add a little wood glue).
Unlike nitropaints oil paint to dry 10-12 hours, therefore, before this time to continue work on the model should not be. In case the two sets of motor with dadude and batteries.
To change the batteries in the deck is cut out the hatch.
Once the body is ready, you can start making add-ons and parts of a boat.
The conning tower made of wood, plywood or cardboard. Putty and paint it the same as the body.
Torpedo tubes and depth charges glue from construction paper. Anti-aircraft gun can be made of tin solder or glue from the cardboard. The mast is made of wood, tin and wire. Handlebar tin.
The finished model must be tested on the water. We must first ensure that she stood on the water without roll and without trim tabs (tilt by the bow or the stern). This is achieved by placing ballast in the hull. In addition, the boat must have a sediment at the waterline.
When the model is adjusted, you are ready to launch.
V. TSELOVALNIKOV, the master of sports of international class

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