ON THE SLIPWAY - FOAMFiberglass and epoxy… once they carried out a coup in Sioux douceline, giving the possibility to applied to the wall of the housing of any lines for any of the models. Indeed, this process is much easier and more productive than obtaining a housing by other methods. But the production of ingots… Make it no easier than the case-“dyblenko”, and the effectiveness of the method of veclachi high only when one blank is used for forming multiple shells.

Ship modelers of the station of young technicians in the city of Kaspiysk use a more rational method of preform fabrication. EB base was cut from cardboard but the theoretical drawing a set of “frames” and “lines”.
The work begins with the production of “plywood and the element corresponding to the deck for future building. Cut along the contour of the deck sheet is fixed on the staple — flat Board.
Thus it is necessary to use the remote strips that provide the necessary camber “deck”. Next on the “deck” to apply the line median plane and frames.
Frame blanks going tan: cardboard “frames” are introduced into the cutouts of the “median plane”, and then into the grooves on the “frames” are invested cardboard “waterline”. The joints promazyvaetsya with glue. Assembled frame is glued to the plywood “deck”, after which the gaps are filled with foam, any brand, anchoring in the cells with casein or stationery glue. The excess foam is cut with a cutter or thermoresistor, building vyshkurivaetsya and cemented clay.
Fig. 1. The scheme of the notches in the frames, the median plane and the lines
Fig. 1. The scheme of the notches in the frames, the median plane and the lines:
1 — cardboard frame, 2 — notch for the waterline vlz, the 3 — cutout for the waterline KWL, 4 — cutout for the waterline ВЛ1, 5 — notch for plane, 6 — cardboard diametrical plane, 7 — cut-out for frames, 8 — cardboard waterline, 9 — cutout for frames.

R and p. 2. The circuit Assembly cardboard kit
R and S. 2. The circuit Assembly cardboard kit:
1 — frame, 2 — Diametric plane, the 3 — line.

Fig. 3. Cardboard set on the Board-the stocks
Fig. 3. Cardboard set on the Board-the stocks:
1 — Board-stocks, 2 — transom frame, 3 — Diametric plane of cardboard, 4 — frame of cardboard, 5 — waterline (ВЛ1) cardboard, 6 — constructive waterline (KVL) of cardboard, 7 — waterline (vlz) of cardboard, 8 — deck of plywood, 9 — lining for deck camber.

Now, eliminating the irregularities of the contours, put on the clay separating layer — tonne polyethylene, cellophane, or Mylar.
Pieces of pre-cut fiberglass over epoxy and several layers preformula on disc. Remove the housing from the Board-stocks only after final curing of the resin and viskazivaniya shell. The “deck” is separated from the kit and frame together with the foam removed in pieces and remnants of clay washed away.

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