POUNDING, SO GOOD!Many models can be made to forgotten the method, by squeezing the sheet metal. Extortion is used for any thin-walled parts (e.g. fairings, cowlings, shrouds, wings, wheels, and similar). Often they are made of brass or aluminum alloys. The material is pre-annealed with a pair of scissors and cut the workpiece with considerable allowances. The tools serve as a mandrel, anvil and various hammers. The process of knockout s is the stretching of the material when its thickness decreases, and in the sediment, which implies an increase of the thickness.

The first process used in those places where to make the bulge metal; sediment is produced most often around the edges. To this end, the perimeter of the workpiece is collected in uniform folds, and then hammer the corrugations aligned, starting from the center to the periphery. To avoid clinching, used rubber, aluminum or wood hammers. As a result of multiple repetition of this operation, the material “sets”, that is, increasing its thickness.
For example, we can describe the sequence of the punch of the engine hood. The blank cut with an allowance, bordered on the disc. Places in the frontal part, which should be upset, goradia upsetting the pliers and a rubber mallet. Sediment drift of the edges and the convex parts are made as long as the material will not fit snugly to the disc.
After that, the surface is smoothed wooden or textolite hammers, the weight of which depends on the material thickness and dimensions and ranges from 100 to 200 g.
Hammers for squeezing
Hammers for squeezing:
1,2 — metallic, 3 — textolite, 4 – polyurethane or wood, 5 — rubber.

The shaking of the hood sheet metal
The shaking of the hood sheet metal:
1 — marking discs, 2 — a flexible workpiece, 3 — shirring the edges of the workpiece, 4 — draught of the workpiece with a rubber mallet, 5 drift convex parts with a metal hammer, 6 — smoothing shape, and the surface of the textolite hammer.

The formation of folds on the edge of the workpiece with pliers
The formation of wrinkles on the edge of the workpiece with the help of pliers.
Examples of the manufacture of sheet metal parts by the method of squeezing
Examples of the manufacture of sheet metal parts by the method of squeezing:
A — hood motor B — model aircraft with nose-mounted hood, In the bottom of the housing córdoba high-speed performance.

Skillfully using the hood and draught, it is possible to beat even very complex parts. When multi-stage operations in some areas of the workpiece can occur cold deformation (increase of the stiffness of metal), which will not allow then to change the shape of the product. In such cases it is useful to carry out intermediate annealing of the metal.
After the punch detail customize the blank, made according to the thickness of the material, carefully join the edges at the place where the item will be installed, sanded cloth and Polish. It should be noted that extortion requires some skill.

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