RACING FROM USSURIYSKVitaly It student from Ussuriysk, VI all-Russian competition of young avtomodelistov won first place. His car with the air screw has a top speed of 128 km/h.

Then Vitaly has produced a new model, designed for speeds of over 140 km/h. Here’s what he says about it:
— The engine “meteor” (2.5 cm3) is forced, develops up to 20 thousand rpm Increased the compression ratio, combustion chamber volume — 0,22 cm3. The piston is lightweight. The engine works with counter boost, fuel additives.
To improve the aerodynamic qualities of the models head and upper part of the crankcase is milled laterally to 24 mm.
The pylon is made from a sheet of aluminum D-16T with a thickness of 3.8 mm. the Fuselage is of duralumin tube Ø 8 mm. a shock Absorber is a steel wire Ø 1 mm. It almost does not generate resistance and is very light. Wheels made according to the description of V. Popov (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 12, 1970). Material for them was oil and petrol resistant rubber.
The filling and drainage tubes of the tank close nipple. Fairings from basswood painted with nitro enamel and varnished.
The loads are distributed evenly along the axes: 190 g On the model of set screw Ø 158 mm step 160 mm.

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