RECORDS OF SMALL MISSILESHarvest on record was for the Soviet rocketmodeler 1987. The strongest competition to our sportsmen managed to make a number of amendments to the lists of the highest international achievements. It is noteworthy that all records — at the height of the flight models.
The score was opened by master of sports Vladimir Kovalev. The model with two standard goods FAI (class S2B) rose to a height of 1357,3 M. In the category of high-rise microrocket (S1) recorded two of the highest achievements, one the master of sports V. Minakova (1396,6 m, class S1D), the other — the master of sports of international class A. mityureva (974,3 m, class S1A).
Two more record entered in a table of the highest achievements in the category of S5 (copy on altitude). A model rocket “Viking” class S5B, made by A. Mityureva, rose to a height of 772,2 M.
Microrocket — single-stage, scale is 1 : 76,5 and supplied by one motor MRD 5-3-7.
At model construction and model-class copies S5D, which was the master of sports of international class S. Il’in, judges recorded altitude 1572,7 m. the Prototype for it was the French two-stage rocket “Eridan”. Model with two motors (MRD 20-10-0 on the first stage and MRD 20-10-7 on the second) with a total impulse of 40 N • S.
1 — fairing, 2 — standard goods of the FAI, 3 — grusovoi container, 4 — absorber, 5 — brake band, 6 — housing, 7 — wad, 8 — mrad, 9 — regulator 10 — guide ring.
Results V. Kovalev, V. Minakova, A. S. Ilyin mityureva and recorded as the all-Union records and on these records forwarded to the FAI for registration as a world achievements.
Model class Ѕ2В start with two standard loads, the FAI, the mass of each is not less than one oz (23.3 g), d is 19.1 mm. These missiles, like others, category S2, referred to as the transport or cargo. The regulations stipulate a number of steps — no more than three for an arbitrary placement of the engines.
We present the single-stage model, equipped with motor MRD 40-10-7. Body — fiberglass tube with a length of 560 mm, molded in privce d 20.5 mm. Stabilizers is made from balsa plates 2 mm thick, the surface is reinforced with fiberglass. “Feathering” is mounted on the housing by means of glue VK-9. Two standard cargo are recorded in a cargo container fairing.
The rocket lands on the brake band size 40X3000 mm, cut from a Mylar film. Starting weight — 158 g.
Rocketmodel applies one of the subgroups high-rise (four of them — depending on the total impulse of the engine and the starting mass of the model). Limit the class S1B, and in what has been achieved a record result, stipulate the total momentum of 40 to 80.0 N. c and a launch weight of no more than 500 g.
A record model is made in a two-step variant using maximum energy with four engines MRD for 20 N e: at the first stage three (one MRD 20-10-0 in the center, two MRD 20-10-4 in the lateral boosters), and in the second stage only one MRD 20-10-7.
1 — fairing, 2 — cargo Bay 3 — download, 4 conversion, 5 — lug, 6 — torque shock absorber, 7 — brake band of the second stage, 8 — piece second stage 9 — the stabilizer of the second stage, 10 — wad, 11 — frame, 12 — MRD the second step, 13 — tube-heat-water, 14 — a fairing block of the first stage, 15 — guiding ring, 16 — frame, 17 — torque shock absorber, 18 — brake band of the first stage, 19 — wad 20 — the Central building of the first stage, 21 — the side of the case of the first stage 22 — boss 23 — the stabilizer of the first stage, 24 — engines of the first stage.
The first stage structurally represents a block of three stenella-stolovyh corps d 20,8 mm length: 154 mm — side, 210 mm — Central. Stabilizers balsa, 2 mm thick, reinforced with fiberglass, glued two on each side of the body.
Recovery system the first stage is executed on the basis of the tape size is 50X500 mm with torque damper. Located in the upper part of one of the side housings, strobes lifting charge side of the motor MRD 20-10-4. In the Central building block of the first stage with bosses from Linden fixed tube-ognevoj to transmit a firing pulse from MRD 20-10-0 to the engine of the second stage. Connection steps — through the Bush d 21.4 mm, length 22 mm, mounted on the housing of the second stage.
Aft (engine compartment), second stage is made of stekloplastikovyh tube d 20,8 mm, and the body — tube d 16 mm. In the engine compartment attach the four balsa stabilizer. Connecting the motor compartment with the main portion of the housing of the second stage is performed using dummy adapter. The head part consists of carved from basswood fairing and cargo hold with a length of 48 mm, which houses the ballast, you need to ensure the correct alignment model. The recovery system of the second stage (brake band and the torque absorber) is placed in the main body.
The starting mass of the model 266 g.

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