RECUMBENT ON THE TRACK AND ON THE CIRCUITIncreasingly popular in our country and abroad acquire velomobiles. And although mass production of them has not yet been established, experts believe that in the near future they will become the main vehicle for individual use. Not too bold a prediction? I think not. In the city, especially the larger ones, the car very closely. Despite the constant work to improve the road network and traffic management, traffic jams and congestion are becoming more frequent on our roads. And the car is a symbol of rapid XX century — ceased to be the fastest form of urban transport, giving in speed and sometimes the bike. If we consider inherent to motorized transport exhaust gases and noise, use of scarce fuel, the high cost of manufacture and operation — the balance will undoubtedly lean in the direction of pedal cars.
The Bicycle as a vehicle widely used in a number of countries, but the alternative car will be able to become, apparently, only the recumbent. He combines simplicity, reliability, environmental friendliness of a Bicycle with the comfort, stability n speed of the car. It will be happy to ride a teenager, go for a walk an old man. Equipped with manual transmission, the recumbent will serve short trips and the disabled. The stability of its three-, four-wheel scheme, large body, protects against wind and weather with a seat-chair, auxiliary signaling and control equipment, and, depending on destination, cargo space or passenger space, making pedaled excellent means of recreation, convenient, reliable, cheap transport for business and leisure trips.
Its speed by reducing aerodynamic drag is the main enemy of the cyclist — can be sufficient up to 40 km/h. Those who had to ride this machine, I assure that the management of the velomobile is a lot of fun: the usual landing on a wide chair with a back allows you to effectively work with their feet, and coasting to fully relax. The low position of the driver increases stability on rotation and provides a visual effect of movement at high speed. Therefore, most spirited “drivers” behind the wheel velomobile will not be bored.
How great is the interest in the velomobile in our country, showed the traditional kind of festival that takes place annually on the last Sunday of may in the Lithuanian city of šiauliai. Only in 1983, the participants from different parts of the Union have shown here about two dozen different designs. The most advanced and original, were marked with special prizes. Among them sport velomobile, created by students of the Moscow road Institute under the guidance of Professor A. Narbut, two mini-recumbent Leningrad M. and B. Freedman, city “Velotron” Poltava engineer Vladimir Mazurchak, pedal car Kievan V. Halaburda. Won the competition recumbent “Vilnius-82”. In addition, for the first time was shown the machine is specially designed for high-speed races on the track — “Vilijos-83т” made B. Warnod. Already the first race on the track Klaipeda has fallen short on this design hope: even an untrained athlete is able to move at the projectile with a speed of 50 km/h.
Track specialization velomobile is not accidental. A number of successful designs of sports cars not only led to the emergence of a new type of competition — malomobiljnykh racing, but set records confirmed its benefits in front of the bike. The main of them — less aerodynamic drag — allows you to organize on the track, exciting high-speed races that may soon replace the drag races. In fact: velomobiles able on their own to cope with the air resistance when driving at high speed, not shifting it on the shoulders of the leader of the rider. This means that such competitions, without losing the entertainment will be of a more sporting character: all will determine just preparing the machine and the athlete. Under ideal conditions the track of a new design of pedal cars will be a quick run, identify bottlenecks, to determine the most progressive elements, the nodes, which can be applied to road cars.
Leaving the bike on the track, the recumbent will not be inferior to him in some other types of competition, say, in the road race. All the same streamlined body will provide the athlete a greater comfort and a different landing — more efficient use of muscle strength. We have already experience and winter racing is not available for conventional bikes. Let the results not above the summer or the track, the main thing that an athlete can engage in their favourite sport all year round.
General arrangement and dimensions a EuroVelo map
General arrangement and dimensions a EuroVelo map:
1 — pedal drive. 2 — flap drive wheel. 3 — driving wheel. 4 — swivel arm, 5 — cable power steering, 6 — seat, 7 — rear wheel, 8 — pull steering, 9 — joint of the rear axle. 10 — support wheel.

And another advantage of sports velomobile I would like to mention — safer: even lightweight body with seat belts and, possibly, the safety arcs will protect the athlete from unpleasant consequences in the event of an accident.
Needless to say, competition kart attract numerous fans and enthusiasts of motor sports with its dynamism, sharp wrestling. Nimble cars with a deafening crash rushing from one turn to another, developing straight-line speed to 80 km/h! However, on the turn you have to brake: traction is not enough for movement along the radius of 3 m at a speed above 20 km/h. But in spite of this, on bends going most of the audience: here is debate not the engines, and the skill of the drivers. Do not give up if the motor on the map at all? Easy velokart with a pedal, not giving her motobreath speed on a curve, and hence, in entertainment, has a number of advantages. He is silent, does not pollute the air and the track — whether it’s karting or school yard — management available to the young athletes, and you can do it with your own hands using simple equipment from Bicycle parts. The guys from the Vilnius vocational school Yes 25 together with the master College V. Rushian and the author of these lines have produced two such machines per month.
The design is extremely simple Cycling card. This is a light truck with pedal drive and good stability on all turns due to the low centre of gravity and a wide track support wheels. In this embodiment, the front wheel is the leading and the rear mounted on a common axis connected to the frame vertical axis. As the tricycle scheme is not strong, there is still a pair of supporting wheels on the sides — like a child’s Bicycle. The driver sits in the chair and rests both hands on the swivel arm on the transverse beam of the frame. With the axis of the rear wheels they are connected to steel cables. This “wheel” comfortable with frequent turns, in addition, it serves as a reliable support to the driver. Brakes from a sports bike with manual transmission, you can equip all three main wheels.
The operating experience of our design and suggested areas of improvement. So, driver seat, it is useful to equip a concave back — it will help to keep the rider “in the saddle”. The stability of the vehicle when turning by moving the support wheel forward. But the rear track can be safely reduced, either go to one wheel.
Blokarting as a new sport has great prospects. It’s only for robust design to withstand the loads from sharp turns, frequent acceleration and braking. Tested in extreme conditions of competitions, velokart will help the creators of road, tourism, and any other types of velomobiles in selecting the most efficient and reliable units. While the steering and suspension a Cycling card can be used on any recumbent — not fail!

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