ROCKET Today we offer our readers a model of two-stage missiles S1C and S2B, developed by a member of the team To, Butrova. Its peculiarity is the unusual principle of resetting the second stage after working MRD — is it due to breaking parts of the split housing this stage.
The casing is formed of three layers of fiberglass pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, on a steel mandrel. After curing of the binder the surface of veclachi is processed, the case is cut and removed From the mandrel. In the upper part of the lower half of the housing of the first stage are pasted boss and the frame, through which passes ognevaya tube 0 5 mm. In volume between the boss and the frame is placed in the subsequent recovery system of the first stage.
Model missiles SIC and S2B
Model missiles SIC and S2B, equipped (left) and the active portion of the climb after the reset of the first stage and the introduction of the recovery system of the first stage (on the right) :
1 — Golosnoy spinner, 2 — the case of the second stage, 3 — stabilizer is a second stage, 4 — bulkhead, 5 — upper half of the housing of the first stage, 6 — boss. 7 — MRD 20-10-0,8 — stabilizer of the first level,9 is the lower half of the housing of the first stage 10 — the castle-“visor”, 11 — ognevaya tube, 12 — MRD 20-10-7,13 — recovery system the first stage,14 — recovery system of the second stage.

After combustion of the first combustible gases in mrad ogniowej the tube go in the nozzle of the MRD the second step, it begins to work. The pressure created on the first MRD, parts of the housing of the first stage, after which reveals the system of salvation. The second stage continues the climb, as a normal model rocket.
Stages are joined together by the second stage engine. The empty weight of the model 28, the Starting weight class S1C equal to 96 In the embodiment of high-altitude missiles S2B and Golosnoy part (fairing) fitted with two weight in to 28.5 g.
A. BURTSEV, Ulyanovsk

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