SPEED POLUTORAMETROVYThe smaller the cubic capacity of the engine performance, the more stringent the requirements for its design, manufacture, Assembly. Speed, cord of 1.5 cm3, which we offer, fine-tuned for many years, takes into account the shortcomings of previous designs and new directions in creating “polutorachasovom”.

Front axle pendulum type with a rubber shock absorber. The quality of his work depends on the cross section and the elasticity of the rubber. It should be soft enough to allow the bridge has performed satisfactorily on kartodromo with different quality concrete pavement. Case material front axle — В95Т (you can apply D16T). It has two bearing No. 1840083. Front wheels with fatty tires type (thickness — 2.5 mm, diameter — 42 mm). Special attention should be paid to the rotation of the wheels was exceptionally easy, but without pulsation.
The rear axle is made of khvg steel, heat treated to the hardness HRC= 38÷42. After heat treatment all bore holes for bearings are brought razgonnyj laps of Plexiglas. When you fit bearings you need to take into account temperature expansion of the outer race and the housing.
The bridge is suspended in the steel frame of steel 40X (N.RC=38÷42) bearing No. 1840083.
Gear made of steel 12KHN3A with subsequent nitrocarburizing. Bearings No. 1000095 (5X13X4) should be planted vnatyag, but without the use of tools. It is necessary to achieve easy, smooth, without jamming the rotation of the gears. Pay special attention to the correct installation of the gears, center-to-center distance between which is regulated by special gaskets. In the case of lung “prichesyvaniya” the tooth must be planirovat diamond needle files, removing the 0.02 — 0.4 mm from the vertical part of the tooth to achieve the correct contact patch.
Speed control line model for 1.5 cm3 design V. Krieger
High-speed control line model for 1.5 cm3 design V. Krieger:
1 — front, 2 — fuel tank 3 —stopping device, 4 engine, 5 — fairing, 6 — reducer, 7 — absorber, 8 — crutches 9 — pan 10 — supply pipe, 11 — cord strap.

Layout of the gearbox.
The layout of the gearbox.
Stop device.
A stopping device.

At both ends of the shaft firmly planted on the two dowels of the hub of 40H steel (HRC= 38÷42), to which three M3 screws to fasten the drive wheels.
Gear — 0,8 m, Z14, Z27. Rear wheels diameter — 68 mm.
The rotation from the crankshaft to the driven gear of the gearbox is transmitted via a “propeller shaft” — a cylindrical rod with two spherical hexagons on the ends. Through the use of this cushion accurate alignment of motor and reducer is not so obligatory, as well as losses in transmission torque fluctuations of the bridge on the irregularities of the track are reduced considerably.
Rear axle hanging on the spring shock absorber. If necessary to adjust the stiffness of the bridge depending on the conditions of the track inside the spring, you can insert a cylinder of sponge rubber.
Case (pallet) made of a material D16T. It has rounded contours to reduce sail, which is especially important for models of class 1.5 cm3.
Cover of lime, it is painted with synthetic enamel and fastened by three screws to the pallet.
A stopping device is double acting, it is very convenient and reliable in operation.
The tank is made of stainless steel of 0.3 mm thickness.
The resonance pipe is carved out of aluminum, the thickness of the wall of 0,25—0,3 mm. For ease of configuration it has a telescopic connector Rossi.
Cord strap is cut from titanium sheet brand ВТ10 (section — 2X12 mm diameter carabiner holes — 6 mm, the length from the orifice to the center of the model — 226 mm).
A few words about the engine. He improvised, three-channel. The diameter of the piston — 13mm, stroke, and 11.2 mm. timing: the release of 180° p. K. V., purge 135° p. K. V. absorption Phase: the beginning 10° after BDC, the end — 45° after TDC.
The total weight of the model 780-800 g.
V. KRIEGER, master of sports of international class

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