SPORTING In recent years, rakotomalala all levels are fond of a simple “building” material for flying model — plain paper. The journal “Modelist-designer” told you about the paper models on their pages. And if earlier to make the model only of paper required regulations, today this material is widely used “voluntarily”. The proof starts at the all-Russia competitions on the Cup of S. P. Korolev. About 40% of the participants in the classes SA and Ѕ6А used the paper model. Our story about the rocket champion in the class of parachute models (SA) Denis Gaganov (Sergiev Posad).

The main advantage of this aircraft is the simplicity of manufacture. All items are made of paper for the copier density of 80 g/m2.
The housing consists of three parts: two cylindrical and one conical. The main body is a cylinder with a length of 270 mm, glued on a mandrel with a diameter of 39.7 mm, joint width 5 mm. the rear compartment length of 40 mm is made on the mandrel with a diameter of 10.3 mm. Between both cylinders glued together in a cone with a length of 95 mm.
The connection — overlap, the width of the bands 2 — 2.5 mm.
Stabilizers (three of them) — cut balsa plates 2 mm thick, profiled; to the body glued butt glue “Moment-joiner”. One of the stabilizers attached thread suspension rescue system (parachute). She also glued in several places along the hull.
Model class Ѕ3А the winner of the competition for the Cup of S. P. Korolev Denis Gaganov (Sergiev Posad)
Model class Ѕ3А the winner of the competition for the Cup of S. P. Korolev Denis Gaganov (Sergiev Posad):
1—fairing; 2—frame; 3—the connecting plug; 4—place mounting thread suspension; 5—housing; 6—thread suspension; 7 — tail cone; 8—engine; 9 — stabilizer; 10—MRD

Fairing cone with a length of 105 mm, also made of paper. It is manufactured and the connecting sleeve. Between the parts held together by the frame foam thickness of 5 mm. Inside of the “skirt” of the bushing glued to the second end of the filament of the suspension, in the middle of which is fixed a piece of gum (isolator) length of 150 mm.
Parachute — metallic film of a thickness of 3 microns, the number of slings -12. In the Arsenal of the athlete several parachutes with domes of different diameter 600 to 900 mm. Their use is dictated by the weather conditions at the start.
The mass of the model without a parachute and MRD — 6,7 g. Starts a mini-rocket engine – “Mirage” And is 1.7-3.

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