HEATER INSTEAD OF A SOLDERING IRONUsually wings models air combat and cord upholstered Mylar film. Stick it to the frame using BF-2, and the joints are heated with a soldering iron with a special nishikoi. In the Studio or at home it is not difficult. Plugged in the soldering iron to the mains, and after a few minutes the sting is heated to the desired temperature. And how to reheat it on the track during the competition? After all cases when the soldering iron is necessary, abound: a bad fit of the model, accidental damage to skin, peeling off the Mylar film…

Yuri Kalinin, engaged in the technical circle of the pioneer of the Kiev area of Moscow and offers an original device which can replace the soldering iron when heating the Mylar seams. This heater is powered by a rechargeable battery.
The role of the heating element here performs the candle from the glow of the Microdrive. It is screwed into the nozzle, made of duralumin D16T. For the convenience of the hen is connected to a metal plate with a wooden handle.
Heater glow-plug
Heater glow-plug:
1 — pre-candle, 2 — nozzle, 3 — wood handle.

The wires from the battery to the glow of the candle are fixed with special clips of”crocodile”. You can use Nickel-cadmium battery 2НК-24. The current strength of the candle 4A. Experience with the use of a heater with a glow-plug showed that it is convenient to perform minor repairs on track. With its help it is possible to heat tape seams to eliminate distortions of the wing. But the most important thing. what modelers will save a lot of time and effort previously spent on the repair of cladding in the field.

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