TABLE-TRELLISIn every apartment — large I malogabaritki — usually, there are two tables-one in the room, the other in the kitchen. For families consisting of two to four people, it is a necessary minimum. Well, if your house. famous for its hospitality and you like to sit with friends at the same table? Here the question arises: what is “the one”? The one that are in the room, even if it is sliding, it is often cramped. Usually out of the provisions, docking dining, kitchen, for they have not the same dimensions, and .in the kitchen there is a lot of inconvenience.

Our readers from the city of Shymkent V. I. Tereshchenko offers an ingenious version of the big table, which is assembled remains in the room, but it becomes completely invisible, as if painted in a trellis.
When you have more than ten guests, you involuntarily start thinking: how to place at the table? For such cases I built the table 900X2800 mm, and that it does not take much space when not needed, combined it with a mirror. And also not simple, and such that sighs, remembering every woman — with a trellis.
The material used the most that neither is available, and the design is simple. The reason is table collected (casein glue and the round plug in the tire) from chipboards: cover size 500X900 mm, bottom — 400 X 800 mm, side walls — 400X365 mm. Table rests on the legs. They are made of planks 35X80 mm with fastening bolts outside of the sidewalls of the tables with the letter A.
It is possible to paste a texture (laminated) paper “under the tree”, a film with the same pattern or paint enamel brown. Front at the tables under the lid two drawer and a lower compartment with sliding Windows (can be cut from window glass by treating the edges with an emery stone and glued to BF-2 small knobs).
Fig. 1. The main structural elements of the trellis table.
Fig. 1. The main structural elements of the trellis table.
Fig. 2. Metal components design,
Fig. 2. Metal components of the structure.
Fig. 3. The transformation of the trellis in the table (top rail spacer).
Fig. 3. The transformation of the trellis in the table (top rail spacer).

As “cosmetic” and “dining” level of the work plane differ significantly, on the cover of the bedside tables mounted timber spacer that provides the necessary height of the table. And because the tabletop is also the basis for mirrors, black painted timber looks like a decorative item stand under the mirror.
The most time-consuming part — the top. It consists of small and larger shields, United rojalnoj a loop. Similarly, small shield connected into the timber spacer. The small shield is attached, the frame for the mirror from bruskov by section 20X50 mm, covered by a sheet of fiberboard. Here lies the main mirror plate; the side bars are attached with piano hinges for the side flaps of the trellis, the width of which is half of the Central part. The shields of the valves should have hooks or other latches, connecting them at closing before lowering countertops.
On the back plane of the large shield countertops are mounted articulated legs (wooden or tubular) locking casinoi. There are two screw-leg-stand under a small worktop: for its accession in the upper corners of the front plane of the shield has a threaded socket, type of sockets for the legs of the kitchen stools.
Both shields can be papered or painted similarly to the nightstand.

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