THE RESCUE OF DROWNING…the handiwork of drowning! This well-known phrase is the best suited to the device, developed by a reader of our magazine Odessa Shkolnik, Rodion Chernopole. It is intended for high-speed RC boat. These microglossary in training and at competitions tend to dive under the water and… emerges. The owner located after the model and get it. Well, if the water is warm and it is possible to save the sunken vessel, which spent at least a few months of hard work. And if not?

The models Rodion installed a simple device — automatic battery carbon dioxide. Should water get into the casing, as the battery is activated and the carbon dioxide inflates two plastic bags performs the role of a kind of pontoons and lifting the craft to the surface of the water.
Training “accidents” from the moment of immersion of the model to the ascent took less than a minute.
Fig. 1. Automatic rescue device for high-speed boat
Fig. 1. Automatic rescue device for high-speed input:
1 — battery uglokislogo gas, 2 — connecting tube, 3 — fold hatches, 4 — polietilenos package, 5 — body, 6 — locking frame.
Fig. 2. Battery of CO2
Fig. 2. Battery of CO2:
1 — screw. 2 — washer, 3 — sugar. 4 — cover (PTFE), 5 — strip (rubber), 6 — spring, 7 — needle. 8 — siphon tank, 9 — housing, 10 — rubber ring, 11 — fitting, 12 — relief valve (felodipine).

The automatic battery is easy. This duralumin case, the cavity of which is embedded a siphon cylinder. The top housing is closed by a threaded cap — inside is a powerful spring and needle. Before screwing the cover needle is cocked and put on “guard” — a piece of sugar (but not instant!), drilled through it. Enough to get water into the cavity as the sugar begins to dissolve, and after some time the needle is under spring tension skewer locking cylinder aluminum baffle. Carbon dioxide will start to fill the housing, and then through the nozzle will tend in plastic bags. Pressure will reveal the deck hatches and formed “pontoons” will take the model to the surface.

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