THE SPRING AND THE FUEL LINEIt would seem, are incompatible. However, wound in a spiral wire can be very useful in the power system. Soft hose connecting the jet engine to the tank, sometimes become a reason for stopping the motor in flight. The root of all evil, it turns out, in that the fuel tube, the bending under the action of centrifugal forces acting on the cord model. You can, of course, apply and a rigid tube, but it is inconvenient because of the difficulties of installation. And so very quickly she “gets used” to inserted into her nipple, starting to pass the fuel through the connection.

All these problems will disappear, we need only to invest in a hose of suitable size cut coil springs. This spiral will not develop the fuel in no overloads.
Useful and small pieces of thicker springs. Wearing them outside on the ends of the supply hose, you insure the operation of the engine from sudden stops. Now even a very flexible the tube will not fall from the fittings.

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