THE FIRST BOATYou have never built a boat! But it’s easy! Let’s try to build it together. Only you carefully read all that is written here, and take your time when you start work.

As in a real shipyard, our first business is to choose the material. To build a boat, you will need: a piece of plywood, waxed paper, thread, glue, oil paint. Need the easiest tool: ruler, saw, hacksaw, jig saw, plane and pocket knife.
1 — thread-forstage, 2 — sheet, 3 — deck, 4 — Kiel, a 5 — weight, 6 — staysail, 7 cave, 8 — mast.
It’s good to get a sheet of fine-grained sandpaper. In the extreme case, no plane can do, but then you have more to work with sandpaper and cut along the contour very carefully.
1 cell = 2 cm
1 cell = 2 cm
And now for work. First drawing had a deck 3 and fin 4. In the deck do hole Ø 5 mm. Vystrugat of straight sticks the mast and stick it into the hole. Kiel is best fixed on spikes, as shown in the drawing, having made holes in the deck with a jigsaw, or nailing small nails. When the thickness of plywood mm 4-5 cloves also good will keep. Now pull the mast thread-vistagami, cut the sails, bend them at the dotted lines and stick to the thread. Just have to make the keel heavier, so that the boat does not flip. This strengthen the bottom piece of lead weighing approximately 100 g. Paint the boat oil or nitro.
That’s all. Now it can be run in the pond or in the river.

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