One of the most important components of the control system with cord model airplane rocking chair that serves as the connecting link between the cord strands and rods for the rudders. Structures of these nodes knows a lot. But, in fact, all of them are divided only into two groups — classic rocking and disk. Both traditional schemes has its own inherent flaws. Thus, the conventional rocking chair in connection with a change in angle relative to the direction of cords in its turn has a variable gear ratio. In addition, this system takes a lot of space in the model, and at large the required control effort, the scope of the rocking becomes so significant that the node weight begins prison the cable that connects the two kordovye threads, thrown through the simple pulley, the diameter of which is limited only by the flexibility of the cable used. The rope on the pulley is not fixed and can therefore drag-and-dropped in the model for the entire length on both sides. One arm cable half-ring is attached to the sealing, which holds one of the levers easy simple politically. If you carefully consider the principle of operation of the new system, it will be clear that the selection of parameters politically fails to provide any parameters of the control system as a whole. It seems that unique rocking chair has no weaknesses.
The figures show how you can modellistica almost everything tail feathers. Disc rocking better and more compact than usual, however, have limited use — if there is any question about adequacy of control efforts, they did not fit. The disc rocking problem is a rigid sealing rope in the groove, and generally the reliability and service life of this capricious articulation is always problematic.
However, it appears that all the disadvantages of both schemes can be eliminated, as they say, in one fell swoop. Enough to use for this new and unique scheme that combines aspects of both traditional. The essence of the proposed system is that flexible cutecircuit proposed mechanism depending on the layout of its model. The compact microplane it is possible to hold both kordovye thread through one of the wing channel. Large “pilotage” now, without increasing the size of the node it is possible to apply the scheme, essentially corresponding to a conventional rocking chair with a wingspan of almost 150-200 mm, and as lightweight as a racing model.
Figure 1. Disc rocking
Figure 1. Disc rocking new type:
1 — large pulley, 2 — wire, 3 — auxiliary pulleys-rollers, 4 — intermediate corner rocking chair, 5 — pinned to the model axis intermediate the corner rocking.
But — equivalent version of disk rocking one accessory pulley-roller, B — variant of disk rocking used when sufficient space in the wing of the model for the wiring leads.

Fig. 2. Layout options the disk of the swing wing model
Fig. 2. Layout options disk rocking wing models:
A — dense (high speed and racing kordovye model), B — version with separate control flaps (aerobatic models) — layout, used in particular for the drive of the differential flaps (aerobatic models).

When you bind a new rocking to the model, note that it is not necessary to look for a quality cable for flexible joints is quite suitable for these purposes, and thin steel tape.
V. YAKOVLEV, the master of sports

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