VYZHIGATEL IN A NEW ROLEWhy would a self-similar wheels protector? Go RC micromachines on the asphalt, the dirt it knead not necessary. But let’s see what kind of speeds these cars run, what turns them brought to pass!

In short, the protector need. But that’s just how to do it… the Best way, of course — “baking” in a muffle furnace. On the form, you can engrave a tread pattern, any inscriptions. But not everyone is available the equipment necessary for the manufacture of such forms. In this case, would be of great assistance cautery. Yes, a burner, some guys paint on wood. Leaving his work the element or bending of nichrome wire new, try it at work. If the rubber becomes brown, reduce the heat element. You can do this by using a thicker or longer wire. Is at hand a laboratory autotransformer, turn on the power of the burner through him. To pick up the intensity will be much easier.
A set of such “cutters” easy to tread even the most intricate configuration. Work well and engage in a continuously ventilated room or on the balcony of your apartment.
FROM THE EDITOR. A similar device can be improved. The need for this will appear when you will be accepted for processing large protector.
To improve the accuracy of processing, manufacture a device that allows you to turn the wheel at the same angle before each cut. Yes, and the cautery is useful to set some simple guides equipped with adjustable stroke limiter. Design options of such devices can be very much. We present one of them using as the “divider of the circle” conventional gear having a relatively large number of teeth. Moving the retainer to one or two teeth, you turn the wheel (the rim was up against the gear rotates on the axis of the pin) and pushing on the burner, bring it all the way. Withdrawing the cutting element from the formed on the tyre groove, repeat the process. This device will help to put and ring grooves.


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