The owners of cars often have to be transported in the trunk of the massive thing. If no helper, then alone to ship them in the trunk or unload pretty hard.
Previously, I also had to strain with a tiller that weighs 55 kg. Now loading-you load, not a problem for me — I made myself for these purposes a special device. It is clear that it can be used not only for the cultivator.

The capacity of the device is 80 kg. It is designed for service cars like “Moskvich-412”, VAZ-2101 and its analogues. This capacity can be increased by extending the struts and keeping the angle of their installation, lift the upper clamp to the rim of the sleeve.
The device is made of available materials with minimal use of the lathe. Lift design is so simple that it requires no special explanation. However, something to stay you still need.
Hook I machined only after the picked lifting mechanism of the cargo polyspast, because of the size of his hook was determined by the diameter and length of the neck of the hook.
Rotary stand made of steel pipe, wall thickness 3 mm, as thin is acceptable.
A simple and efficient loader
A simple and efficient loader:
1 — hook (STZ); 2 — swivel stand (steel pipe 33×3); 3 — column (steel, pipe 51×3); 4 — upper clamp (steel, strip 24×4, 4 pieces); 5 — brace (steel, pipe 21,5, 4-piece); 6 — lower clamp (steel, strip 24×4,4-piece); 7 — leg (steel pipe of 21.5, 4 items); 8 — M8 screws (28 PCs); 9 — bearing (steel, sheet s2, 4 units)); 10 — Bush (vinyl plastic, textolite); 11 — bracket (steel, strip 24×4, 4 pieces); 12— spike (Vs); 13— stop (STZ, sheet s5)

The emphasis falls on the head bolts, so its outer diameter is selected such that this detail was included in a column without a gap, and even with little effort. In the column of focus is inserted from below, and before bolted the brackets of the legs, and upset to the place easy blows on it a swivel stand.
Before operation the device is installed near an open trunk so that his two legs were necessarily directed towards the rear wheels.
If the pulley is used “slippery” rope, e.g., nylon, for safe holding of the load in a suspended state running end of the rope while turning the rack must pass under one of the struts (this point is reflected in the pictures in the Intro).
The device can be easily disassembled and folded. To do this, from the column upwards removed the swivel stand, Unscrew the wing nuts on the top clamps the braces to the legs and recline all together reduced to the column. When folded, the lift cord tied off and placed in the trunk.
Because repeated folding and unfolding of the lift its fasteners are getting loose, I periodically tighten all nuts.
A. MANGUSHEV, Stavropol

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