GATE - UPMotorists are well aware how much trouble delivering the usual garage double gates. Particular difficulties arise in the winter when you have almost every day to clean the snow in front of the garage, otherwise, to open or close the gate leaf is almost impossible. Meanwhile, there are many designs, devoid of these shortcomings. Among them are shifted to the side, climb up, folded like an accordion. Meet flexible doors, which are wound on the drum located at the top of the box. However, they are not very reliable, because they have open joints or through cracks.

Offer readers the option of gates, single leaf which rises up and fit under the ceiling. Unlike listed this design does not have these drawbacks: there is no open joint, through cracks, and also has reliable porch around the inner perimeter of the frame of the doorway.
The sash opens easily, lifting a counterweight hanging on the rope on the inner wall of the garage. The correct load allows to do it without much effort.
The lower part of the sash in a lowered position secured to the channel or holders welded to the frame of the doorway, it is welded is located on the side walls of the garage from the guide channel. Two roller on each side, moving in guides, allow the wing to withstand heavy loads, which makes it quite reliable.
Single garage door
Single garage doors:
1 — rails, 2 — fold, 3 – wire, 4 — unit, 5 — counterweight.
Guide (channel 65x36).

The guide (channel 65×36).

The frame of the doorway
The frame of the doorway:
1 — crossbar (channel 200x76x5,2, 2), 2 — holder top (area 100x100x5), 3 — front (channel 200x76x5,2, 2), 4 — lower holder.
Setting roller

Installing roller:
1 —M10 nut, 2 — Shaba, 3 — axis, 4 — roller, 5 — fold.

The gate:
1—cross-section (area 63x63x6, 2 PCs.), 2— strut (area 63x63x6, 4 PCs.), 3 — roller (4 PCs.), 4 — skin (sheet z).
Setting blocks

Setting blocks:
1 — axis unit, 2 — unit. 3 — many, 4 — plate 5 — nut M16 with washer, 6 — front.

1 — unit, 2 — front, 3 — load, 4 — clamp, 5 — axis unit, 6 — bracket, 7 — many, 8 — base, 9 — M16 nut with washer.
Version of the garage gate with remote control

Option garage gate with remote control:
1 — transmitter, 2 — fold, 3 — motor, 4 — coupling coupling, 5 — reducer, 6 — electromagnetic clutch, 7 — reel.

The upper part of the gate is locked by two latches and, consequently, two locks. For fixing the sash in the open position includes a stopper.
cables located between the ends of the guides and blocks, as well as the area of movement of the counterweight are covered with protective grilles.
The gate of this design is not difficult to adjust the electric drive with a conventional or even remote radio or IR control. Block, on which hangs a counterweight, should be replaced by a drum driven by the motor through reducer, and a drum and a reducer to connect electromagnetic clutch — in case of absence of power supply.
Nizhny Novgorod

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