Juice — Jack” was the name of the material published in the “Modeller-designer”, No. 4, 1998. I liked the simplicity and originality of the proposed technical solutions.
However, I prefer instead of the Jack to use with a special machine adequate for household performance. All costs for the manufacture of such a mechanical assistant pay off pretty quickly, and the quality of the juice does not raise any problems.

The basis of a homemade juicer — manual screw press. Raw materials, such as crushed apples, laid in the tank on a rotating frame fixed in time. A big part of squeeze juice into the cavity, which separates the pulp from the perforated pallet with a net, and a smaller filtered through forming a circle with the same mesh and the hose drains into a receptacle (not shown). The pulp remains clamped between the grids and removed only after draining of the juice.
The design of the unit is designed for the modest capabilities of the home workshop and does not require turning operations. Just need a welding machine (made, for example, on development, published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 1’97) Yes, a few selected scrap materials, including lead screw with nut.
Tank with sump it is desirable to take ready (say, from a decommissioned boiler-titanium). But can be welded from 3mm stainless steel sheet, if available. And as a circle to accommodate the gear of the reel from the decommissioned harvester SK-4, slightly cut the sandpaper sharp prongs and edges. The thrust bearing 98205 necessary to reduce effort when screwing of the screw extractor, you can rent from a car clutch.
Screw press juicer
Screw press juicer:
1 — swing frame (steel bar 25×25); 2— tank (stainless steel); 3 — left axle shaft with nut M16; 4 — left front (steel pipe 40x26x3); 5 — base (steel pipe 35x35x3); 6—raw materials (crushed apples); 7 — a lining (oak, dimensions place 4 pieces); 8 — fitting with drain hose)mm; 9— pan (from boiler-titanium, perforated); 10 — locking of the swing frame; 11 — the grid (2); 12 — juice; 13 forming a circle with the bearing 98205; 14 — lead screw nut (from the lathe); 15— plate (steel plate 160x50x10, 2); 16 — spindle (lathe), 17 — handle; 18 — right arm (steel pipe 31×3,L70); 19 — axis of the right arm (steel rod, L100)

Revolving frame welded from steel rod with a cross-section of 25×25 mm. the base of the unit is also welded from a steel square tube. A stand — pipe of rectangular cross section.
Other details are clear from the figure. The only thing that is missing is the Rev limiter tipping capacity — welded steel plate, the position and dimensions of which are determined in the manufacturing process of juicer.
K. PANASYUK, Lipetsk region.

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