To fill the tank of a car in the field — for example, from a barrel or tank of the other vehicle drivers often use a simple hose and the so-called “sucking method”, creating a vacuum mouth, with a hit of petrol. You can avoid trouble if you make a simple mini-pump. For this elastic (flexible) hose with a diameter of 10 — 15mm in length 1 — 1,5 m at a distance of one third the length of the slot and insert the hole with a diameter of 10 mm nozzle length 50 — 70 mm from the same hose, and into it insert the tip of the medical pears (preferably the largest). In the end you will have a trouble free, simple in construction, durable pump (even if he is lying among the tools in the trunk — one piece of his there was nothing to fear).

Circuit device
Diagram of the device:
1 — nozzle, 2 — pear 3 — hose
How to use it? The long end of the main hose is lowered into a container with gasoline and short in the shuffle. Now squeeze with one hand bag 2, forcing the air out of it, and the fingers of the other hand pinch the short end of the hose 3. Hold the clamped end, several times squeeze bag — TA sucks in the hose and partially in the gasoline. Unclench my fingers now petrol comes out, if feed tank will be above the fill. Enough to take out the long end of the service tank pump stops working. If you have the need to pour some other acrid substances, the pump will be indispensable, providing complete safety.
I. PLYASKIN, St. Saltykovka, Moscow region

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