THE NEWCOMER BECOMES What is a shame to damage the car at the entrance to a private garage! Unfortunately, this happens with young drivers is not so rare, especially if the garage is to put it mildly, does not differ too much space. Scratches on doors or wings and broken tail lights — that’s the usual consequences of inaccurate targeting.

However, all these troubles can be avoided if you equip the garage with simple tools. One of them (Fig. 1) is a pair of guide parts that are located parallel to each other and securely attached to the floor. The height of the corners must be sufficient to “catch” the wheel and thus steer the car in strictly designated place for it.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. “Catcher” of the two guiding parts (star marked the distance between the wheels of the car).
If such design is not feasible (no need of the materials does not allow the unit floor, etc.), you can use another Board to equip the garage with additional mirror. The essence of this method is the following. As soon as the machine closer to the wall, an additional mirror to reflect the light of the tail light. A kind of “traffic light” through the rear-view mirror will immediately alert the driver the “Stop” command. The size, angle and location of the mirrors are selected depending on specific conditions. This, of course, we must not forget about one of the fundamental laws of optics: “angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection”…
Fig. 2. Method of controlling vehicle entry to the garage with the help of mirrors.
Fig. 2. Method of controlling vehicle entry to the garage with mirrors.
Fig. 3. The device mirrors traffic light.
Fig. 3. The device mirrors traffic light:
1 — front, 2 — triangular frame, 3 — mirror size 200(300)X200 mm.
With the help of such simple means even an inexperienced driver can “sniper” to enter the small room.
According to the materials of journals “, Earmaster”, Hungary “Sam zrobi”, pnrm.

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