UNDER CONTROL — CAMBERInfringement of corners of forward wheels of cars leads to unpleasant consequences: increasing the load on the steering wheel, the difficult control of the car, there is an intensive unilateral wear of a protector of tires: when you increase the camber wears out faster outside, lower — inside. Therefore, as soon as the above symptoms, you should not shelving them to check and the corresponding adjustment of the camber angles.

If you are not frightened by the prospect of greatly facilitate your wallet, then your way goes to the car wash. Well, if you car is not only a means of transportation, but also the object of technical application skills of your hands, with this procedure you can handle on your own. And will help you to offer the device.
Preparation procedure of adjustment regular:
to bring pressure in tires to norm;
check and if necessary adjust backlashes in bearings of the front wheels;
place the vehicle on horizontal ground (usually to pick up a similar platform in “home” conditions is almost impossible; therefore it is not necessary to suffer: to achieve horizontality of the car using a water level and pads under the wheels);
loading the vehicle weight of 150 kg on the front and rear seats;
wiggle the front of the car to eliminate the effect of friction in the suspension.
After the preparation of the car at the front and rear left wheels is set to the device. It consists of two aluminum angles 70x70x7 mm length 370 mm each. The angle brackets are drilled two holes with a diameter of 12 mm for fastening them to the wheels. Center-to-center distance And — depending on the brand of car.
A device for adjusting the camber of cars
Device for adjusting camber cars:
1 — the angle of the rear wheel; 2 — a clamp-a clamp; 3 — M3 screw; 4 — laser pointer 5 — axis platform (screw M8); 6 — compression spring; 7 — nut M8; 8 – rotary platform; 9 — angle of the front wheel; 10,12 — top and bottom of the scale variance (cuts metal ruler); 11 — rivet

On one of the squares using a spring-loaded turntable (aluminum plate 60х40х 7 mm) and brackets mounted laser pointer. On the other on the outer surface of the wall (where no holes) Anastasia markings: horizontal line “x” — strictly in the center, and a vertical “y” — away from edges and top and bottom edges — risks-ruler with a scale division of 1 mm (instead of markup, you can fasten pieces of metal line). This square is vertically fixed with two bolts M12x1,25 length mm 70 to drive the left front wheel plane are spaced in the direction of the rear wheels. The square with the pointer set on the left rear wheel. Rotating the steering wheel to achieve alignment of the beam pointer with the cross hairs of horizontal and vertical lines on the front square. Then, turning the platform with the orders, fix the deviation of the beam from a line “u” on the top and bottom edges. The difference between these readings is related to the height of the polygon (370 mm) will give us the tangent of the camber angle left wheel (for reference: when the angle of camber 1 degree difference between the readings is 6 mm; within 2 degrees for every 1 mm difference corresponds to 10 minutes).
After adjusting the camber on the front left wheel fixture is transferred to the right side of the car — and the procedure is repeated for the front right wheel.
O. GREEN, G. Samara

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