WHEN THE TRAILER CAN NOT AFFORDCar trailer, about which speech will go, was produced by D. Baker. In General, still quite a young man — he is 25 years old. In their family, loving actively to spend the summer vacation there is an old car VAZ-2101 and the boat “Kazanka” with the motor. However, to deliver the boat to the water was not on anything. So I conceived the father and son Pekareva to build a versatile trailer to the car so he could drive the boat and some cargo in the back easily removable. Unfortunately, Dmitry’s father soon died tragically. Nevertheless, the son continued the business and successfully completed.

About how to build a trailer, says Dmitry PEKAREV.
Design idea my father only managed to discuss, in General terms. So I had to figure out the requirements which should meet the trailer, to go through registration in the SAI, interested in how to construct mass-produced trailers and that made zamedliteli. As a result, came to the conclusion that the most simple and cheap to manufacture the design with a welded frame made of round thin walled steel tubing and a spring suspension axle with an additional hydraulic shock-absorbers that act as shock absorbers transverse vibrations.
This path I went. The frame with the drawbar, welded pipes. The pole is made of larger diameter pipe and consists of three parts: a standard trailer hitch, the extension used when transporting the boat, and the actual drawbar, reinforced struts. Connection flanges at the geometry identical to the flange of the coupling. They are welded to the inserts from axial displacement and rotation are fixed in the tubes by two bolts M12 each.
The rear part of the frame is equipped with a retractable bumper with all the necessary lighting equipment and socket mounting plate. During transportation of the boat bumper is taken out of the transom Board and clearly visible to drivers of following vehicles. Fasten the telescopic rails bumper to longitudinal beams of the frame with M6 bolts.
Universal car trailer (shown in the unloaded state)
Universal car trailer (shown in the unloaded state):
1 —the device trailer (standard); 2 —bushing stand (STZ, pipe 33,5×2,8); 3 — front of the nasal cradle (STZ, tube 21,3×2,8); 4 — lodgements (STZ, the sheet s2 plus rubber); 5 — strut bow cradle (STZ, tube 21,3×2,8); 6 — extension of the drawbar (STZ, tube 57×3); 7 —pole (STZ, tube 57×3); 8 —body; 9 — strip tool tray bottoms (rubber s10); 10 — wings (D16T, sheet s2); 11 —the guide of the bumper (STZ, pipe 33,5×3,2); 12 — handrail (STZ, rod 08); 13 block signal lights, right; 14 — bracket suspension spring (STZ, lane B5); 15 — earring (STZ, strip 50×9); 16 bolts M16; 17 — spring (from the “Moskvich-412”); 18 — the wheel (from the VAZ-2101); 19 — strip (STZ, sheet s5); 20 — the ladder (45 steel, rod Ø11); 21 — attenuators (VA-2101); 22— license plate; 23 — front (STZ, tube 21,3×2,8); 24 — strut drawbar (STZ, area 25×25); 25 — longitudinal beam (STZ, pipe 42,3×3,2); 26 — beams cross (STZ, pipe 42,3×3,2); 27 —illuminator, license plate (UAZ-469); 28 — bumper (STZ, area 35×35); 29 — a bolt M12 (X3); 30 — flanges (STZ, the sheet s10); 31 — the bridge axis (45 steel, tube 48×3); 32 — tie the stepladder (STZ, sheet B8); 33 — tool tray bottoms (STZ, pipe 52x27x2); 34 insert (STZ, pipe 50×3); 35 — damper Bush; 36 — washer; 37 — eye of the shock absorber (STZ, strip 50×6); 38 — toes shock absorbers (M12 bolt); 39 — strut cradle (STZ, sheet s2); 40 — strut (STZ, pipe 48×2); 41 —ladder lock (STZ, rod Ø6); 42 — plank (STZ, sheet s5).

Bearing wheels
The bearing wheels:
1 —disc wheel: 2— pin with spigot; 3, 12 — anthers; 4 — nut M24 (M24 lion.); 5 shaft; 6 bolt M12; 7 bearing 7605; 8 — hub (steel 45). 9 — bearing 7606; 10 — axis, Mosa; 11 — axle (steel 45).

Boat on trailer is mounted on nasal lodgements located on the extension of the drawbar, and main, attached to the front and rear transverse frame removable locks. (By the way, the body is connected to the frame in a similar way.) Finally the boat is pulled to the lodgment of special straps.
The wheel axle is a tube axle, which axle tight fit. Through single-row taper roller bearings are two sizes of worn wheel. The bearing assemblies are protected from both sides of the anthers. The bridge is suspended to the longitudinal beams of the frame with “moskvichova” five-leaves springs. On motor vehicles and most trailers that I have seen, the axis of the bridges pass over the springs, which is probably done to reduce the height of the center of gravity of the system is the trailer — load. Our same — under springs. Done so from considerations that venue is a very light boat and the position of its centre of gravity will have a significant impact on the stability of the trailer. At the same time raised to the longitudinal axis (also the axis of the drawbar) even when fully loaded the trailer would be positioned horizontally at the same height with the hitch of the towing vehicle and when braking will not create the effort, raising the “tailgate” of the car. The operation fully confirmed these calculations — at driving presence of the trailer is almost not there.

Curb weight, kg………….100
Mass of the transported
cargo, kg …………………………..500
The load on the ball joint
the drawbar, kg……….30
Trailer dimensions, mm: length max. drawbar
for boats………………………. 5040
with drawbar auto body………. 3365
width………………………….. 1520
track…………………………….. 1360
Body dimensions, mm:
length…………………………….. 1900
width………………………….. 1150

Misfortune befell us only one day — broken damper shaft. Analyzed damage and found constructive error: the mount does not have at least a small tilt forward. And needs. Because when the spring angles of the mutual arrangement of the shock absorber and the fingers will vary within the limits defined by the elasticity of the rubber bushings. Really well done on all combined (elliptical springs plus hydraulic shock absorbers) suspension.
As for body structure, then it is executed by the classical scheme, where the basis is the frame with racks of tubes of rectangular cross section, covered by duralumin sheets.

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