BENTLEY STATE LIMOUSINEYour first car with 4-cylinder motor a working volume of 3.0 liters Walter Owen Bentley, the owner of the company, demonstrated at the London motor show in the autumn of 1919, and after two years began the production of cars, named simply, but with taste — 3 L (that is, “Three liters”).

Consumer quality and the price of the car, which was given an unprecedented five-year warranty, immediately outlined a circle of the buyers of the car company Bentley for many years to come. The owners of these cars become “masters of life” – politicians, bankers and businessmen.
Car 3 L with a variety of body styles and engines was produced until 1929. In the same decade, the firm has produced a car with an equally unassuming name of BIG SIX has a 6-liter 147 – horsepower engine, and in 1930, continuing the “digital number”, — Executive. The 4.5 L is one of the most powerful and fast cars of the time. Well, the most prestigious and expensive was the model 8 L issue 1930, equipped with the most luxurious bodies.
The crisis of 1931, which sharply reduced sales of Executive cars, was the reason that the new owner of the Bentley was bought it famous firm of Rolls-Royce.
The next 70 years the company worked together and produced almost the same car, distinguished is that traditional branding in 2003, However, these ancient British company regained its independence from each other within the framework of major German corporations — Rolls-Royce became part of BMW, a Bentley came under the control of VW Group.
The latter co-founded by limousine was a BENTLEY STATE LIMOUSINE for H. M. The Queen, created in a single copy by request of the British Association of automobile Manufacturers to transfer it as a gift to Her Majesty for half a century anniversary of the coronation.
The Royal body of the car is very high — Elizabeth II can go to the salon almost without bending. By the way, the cabin is not leather, but cloth — like old field limo. Unfortunately, on the technical characteristics of this car known to very few — firms prefer not to dwell on the details of the design of the cars of the royals.

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