GAS 4The history of “picaporte” in our country, opened the car GAZ-4 with a lifting capacity 0,5 t, launched the series in 1933. The development of machine production did not require much cost: it was only during that time a serial domestic passenger car GAZ-A, equipped with standard twin cabin from the lorry GAS-AA with a metal loading platform with dimensions 1,6×1,1 m, with a folding wooden benches for six passengers.

It was assumed initially that the pickup will be a good help in the village, but for the collective it was too small, and in private hands “means of production” in the Soviet Union basically did not sell. More the car came in handy in the city – it was used for transportation of small consignments and to deliver the products in stores.
GAS-4: length – 4,58 m; width – 1.77 m; height 1.75 m; weight – 1370 kg; engine power – 42 HP; maximum speed – 90 km/h.

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