IN THE HOPE OF A NEW Mass car LADA KALINA. Cherished dream of a massive reliable and affordable compact car, domestic car enthusiast patiently nurtured almost since the advent of cars in Russia. And this car hunger to the full are unable to satisfy any of the pre-war GAZ-a and GAZ M-1, nor post-war “victory” and “Volga”, or many “Muscovites”, neither received the proud title of “classics” assorted “Lada”, no produced at the former combine factory “humpback” and “big-eared” “the Cossacks”. While some brands do not suit the buyer release, the other capacity. But the main drawback of Soviet cars has always been price. Judge for yourself below in the 1970s — 1980s years to acquire “Moskvich” or “Zhiguli”, the buyer had to collect a sum equivalent to three years salary!

At the time, a truly massive vehicle tried to create the Volga car factory, having developed quite decent for those times the car “Oka”, but this car has also failed to win popularity among home buyers — the reason was the unreasonably high price with mediocre performance and quality.
And here’s another attempt at a Vase to create a machine, claiming the honorary title of “neoclassical” for the mass buyer. LADA KALINA — car that size and weight does not differ almost from “classical” Zhiguli and consumer qualities approaching foreign analogues-classmates. Moreover, in the nearest plans of AVTOVAZ — creation on the basis of “Kalina” the car — a modern, reliable and inexpensive.
The first stage of creation of this machine relates to 1996 — 1997 years, when there was development of the concept of the hatchback, later known as the “Kalina”.
The second is the period from mid-1999 to late 2004, when it created a series of experimental samples of the underlying models of the family — sedan, hatchback and station wagon. On average at this time were made annually for 10 — 15 samples and from 12 to 17 prototype cars. Well, the third period (from late 2004 to 2007) took the work to create preprotnik, pilot, and installation of lots of cars — at this stage, the pilot production produced from 45 (in the first year) to 20 (last year) car.
By its dimensions, the LADA KALINA body type does not differ from
The dimensions of the body LADA KALINA virtually indistinguishable from “classic”, but “Zhiguli” of the salon significantly less
Geometric scheme of the car LADA KALINA hatchback
The geometric scheme of the car LADA KALINA hatchback
LADA KALINA is a five-seat front-wheel drive car produced in AVTOVAZ in three versions — hatchback, wagon and sedan. The machine is designed taking into account Russian realities — it is equally good for both asphalt and dirt road. In support of this, high ground clearance and minimal front and rear overhangs, ensure good permeability.
The machine is equipped with a transversely mounted four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection, working volume of 1.4 or 1.6 liters (capacity of the latter is 80 HP). By the way, a new, more modern 1.4-liter engine has a modified cylinder block and modified crank mechanism with a reduced 30 percent by weight. Cranks has increased, thus reducing the friction force of the piston on the cylinder wall and, consequently, reduce the mechanical losses of the engine at 8 — 10 HP
The cooling system allows the engine to operate the car under the most different climatic conditions. In particular, testing the “Snowball” showed that with full load and at an ambient temperature of plus 40 degrees it can move with maximum speed for an unlimited time. Not a terrible car and a negative temperature — engine start can be carried out at temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees.
Front suspension — McPherson-type with no sub-frame, upper steering, rear — semi-independent, with the associated levers. To increase the smoothness of the car in his design used separate mounting of springs, compression, and buffer shock-absorber rod in the node front suspension, rear suspension springs, reduced stiffness, reduced stress damping shock absorbers in compression. The front suspension of “Kalina” are used conical spring, which also positively affects the smooth running of the machine.
Transmission of “Kalina” is developed on the basis of the transmission of cars “tenth” family, which uses synchronizers increased dimensionality (this enhances durability of the whole Assembly) and new switching mechanism and the drive control. Through a more careful selection of the force of the springs and the additional springs in the shift mechanism achieved better fixation of the gearshift lever in neutral position. Moreover, by reducing the gear ratio of the actuator was able to shorten the stroke of the lever.
After all, was the mechanism of electroablation the inclusion of a reverse gear, which ensures the accuracy of its selection and inclusion. The basis of this mechanism is spring loaded ring. Blocking occurs automatically after the transmission lever from “reverse” to “neutral”. The inclusion of reverse gear is accompanied by an audible alarm.
Clutch mechanism — the original design, which allows the driver to smoothly touch the car with space and easy to shift gears. Compared to the earlier front-wheel-drive cars VAZ, driven plate and pressure plate disks have been improved, and the slave disk has an additional damper to reduce the noise of the car at idle.
Brake system “Kalina” is equipped with a vacuum booster is increased (in comparison with models “tenth” family) dimensions, which reduced the pedal force to four kilograms. In addition, the cars anti-lock brakes.
Basic dimensions of the LADA KALINA in the sedan version
The principal dimensions of the LADA KALINA in the version sedan
LADA KALINA in the version hatchback
LADA KALINA in the version a hatchback
In the steering system is included Electromechanical amplifier (EMU), which, on the one hand, ensures minimal effort on the steering wheel when maneuvering at “zero” speeds (for example, when parallel Parking) and on the other it preserves the informative content when cornering at high speed. In particular, still “Kalina”, no yousei Electromechanical amplifier, the steering force is 19 kgf, and after the installation of the EMU it is reduced to 3.5 kgs!
It should be noted that Lada KALINA used amplifier class Column Electric Power Steering (C-EPS) Assembly, installed directly on the steering column. Due to the simplicity and ease of layout, these EMUS are currently most prevalent in the global automotive industry.
This device consists of an Electromechanical unit and microprocessor controller. In the Electromechanical control unit includes a torque sensor (it is measured the force on the steering wheel) and the engine with gearbox, producing a compensating torque on the output shaft of the amplifier.
Well as a microprocessor controller provides control EMU, configuration and diagnostics. It should be noted that LADA KALINA became the first domestic passenger car to be equipped with electric power steering.
The steering wheel has a modern design and optimum dimensions of its elements. The steering column can be adjusted in height. Management of light devices, stekloomyvateli and “wipers” is the original multifunctional shift paddles. While on the right the switch is located control keys on-Board computer, which creates additional convenience when using this device.
Basic dimensions of the LADA KALINA in the version
The principal dimensions of the LADA KALINA in the version of universal
“Package” underhood space “Kalina” according to the modern trends, ultra-dense
The fifth door of the car opens access to the baggage compartment. With the rear seats folded the capacity of it increases substantially
The fifth door of the car opens access to the baggage compartment. With the rear seats folded the capacity of it increases substantially

Control unit all power Windows and Central locking is located on the armrest of the driver’s door. The mechanism of the window lifter is equipped with a limiting device efforts.
As mentioned, the LADA KALINA in length and width practically does not differ from “classics”, but the height of the new machine is more than the “Lada”, nearly 100 mm., Respectively, became more spacious vehicle interior, and the angles of opening of doors and the size of the aperture is made large enough for easy entry and exit. By the way, door handles by design, are different from those installed on the cars of the tenth family, and their shape made under the so-called “natural grip”.
The locks are widely used by plastic parts, which makes their closing and opening is almost silent. And with the help of integral Kuch FOB, you can remotely lock picking door locks and trunk control anti-theft system.
For “Viburnum” was designed seat with a large range of settings. Arm adjustment of seats arranged with their inner side. Rear sofa is divided into two in the ratio of 1:3 and can be folded as a whole or in parts.
The heating system of the car able to provide driver and passengers with enough comfort in the cabin maintaining a uniform temperature distribution, as well as providing fast defrosting and raspolaganje glasses. In the process of moving when the air temperature is minus 20 degrees, the heater can provide a temperature up to plus 30 degrees.
The machine is equipped with quite modern for its class ventilation system that provides air flow up to 450 m3 /h at maximum fan speed.
The front of the cabin of the car
The front part of the vehicle interior
Controls and instruments
Controls and instruments:
1—control module lighting; 2—switch of the light alarm system; 3—the switch of a sound signal; 4—combination of control devices; 5—the ignition switch; 6—the switch of an operation mode of a wiper; 7—control for ventilation and heating of salon; 8—power key system rear window defogger; 9—glove box lid; 10—compartment under the radio; 11 —button for emergency alarm; 12—ashtray; 13—Parking brake lever; 14—a gear lever shifter; 15—throttle; 16—the brake pedal; 17—pedal to the clutch mechanism; 18—cover fuse block; 19—the lever of a drive of the lock of the hood; 20—power conditioner

Basis of electrical equipment “Kalina” consists of a generator with high reliability and protected with a heat insulation casing of the battery. To improve the reliability and durability of electrical equipment contribute to wiring new construction with sealed electrical connectors.
In devices of LADA KALINA are stepper motors the new generation, with improved accuracy characteristics and reliability. Light indicators and alarms on the car is not on incandescent lamps, and significantly more durable and reliable LEDs. The very same dashboard of the car has enough high level information.
LADA KALINA is equipped with the most modern among Russian car lighting. The salon is equipped with three-section canopy with two sections of individual lighting, which allows, for example, sitting in the front passenger to use the light without disturbing the driver and other passengers.
Passive safety “Kalina” is at the level of the existing ECE (and this is without the airbag!).
And the test car, equipped with airbags for driver and passenger and seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters, showed very good results in frontal impacts at 56 km/h. This figure is almost twice exceeds similar parametres of cars “tenth” family. Comparison with ispytaniyami on the system EuroNCAP with a high degree of probability speaks for the fact that the LADA KALINA safety level will receive “three stars”, that quite corresponds to the average European level for machines of this class.
A high level of security of the machine largely depends on the strength and stiffness of the body, as they are from mechanical characteristics of the steel sheet. It should be noted that the body of “Kalina” is completely made of domestic automotive steel sheet, the production of which in recent years has been mastered by the Russian metallurgists — its characteristics, this sheet is not inferior goods from the best manufacturers.
LADA KALINA was designed to exacting modern requirements to the consequences of the frontal impact offset and side impact.
Reducing the risk of injury for driver and passengers was achieved in this case by selection of the stiffness of the individual elements of the body.
So, 12 percent body parts (by weight) was made of high-strength steel. In the area of the driver’s feet the bottom made more stringent thresholds have been shifted out, made a more solid Central pillar, and under the seats with powerful cross member reduces deformation in this area upon impact. The dashboard is made in accordance with the recommendations for passive safety of the UNECE, which is a modified polypropylene.
Means of passive safety should include installed on a machine airbags for driver and front passenger, seat belts with retractors limiters and effort.
To the means of passive safety of the car include anti-lock brakes, designed for Lada Kalina at AVTOVAZ in collaboration with the company Bosch.
Equipment for painting of bodies LADA KALINA was delivered to AVTOVAZ German firm Wade Alfreds. Thanks to the German complex, which was originally designed under the most modern technology, painting machines, it is not different in quality from the works of leading automotive firms. The complex involved 211 pieces of basic equipment, serving its 800.
Especially for “Viburnum” was developed a special color scheme with fresh and bright natural vegetable hues and bright pastel colors.
So, there will be LADA KALINA of the new mass of Russian “classics”? That was the question asked prospective buyers that compares the technical characteristics, specifications and prices of “Kalina” cars-classmates. Choice, I must say, is difficult, rivals LADA KALINA could be Renault LOGAN, Chevrolet Lanos and Daewoo Matiz… And that — at constant prices (Kalina in the bundling “Norm” worth about 250 000 rubles, the same order and prices of cars) vehicle LADA KALINA and its technical characteristics is not an example more attractive. A careful study of the opinions of the owners of LADA KALINA showed that the number of friendly comments about her on the Internet is constantly increasing. Here, in particular, one of them I think, quite real:
“Bought “Kalina” two months ago, the speedometer now 8 thousand kilometers.
she’s new (like it or not, but Ford was right when he argued that the best car is a new car);
cheap parts;
good design;
it is quite maneuverable for the city;
the salon more than others Vazov, although at first glance do not say;
headlights are gorgeous!!!
stove “killer”;
the trunk is decent size, although less than expected.
for its class the car is still expensive;
at high speeds, not stable enough;
tight instrument panel instruments and insufficient move steering up and down (closes the overview panel), there is no illumination of ignition switch;
very small glove compartment.
So in conclusion — why I bought this machine. The fact that it suits me perfectly, and the Japanese sekond hand for the same money I won’t get the car I needed not to boast, but to work.”
So, perhaps, we have witnessed the emergence of a new Russian “classics”?! However, we will not hurry with forecasts — the best judge of what has always been the time…
Technical characteristics of the car LADA KALINA
Technical characteristics of the car LADA KALINA

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