TOYOTA RAV4Appearance and many of the technical characteristics of the SUV, created basically to overcome the terrain, are already present today in the prestigious universal car that perfectly behave on the roads. The ancestor of these machines is quite rightly considered the released in 1994 it was an asphalt all-wheel drive TOYOTA RAV4, which is the abbreviation of RAV in the name comes from the Recreation Vehicle, which translates as “the car to stay”. The idea of pseudogap picked up dozens of road companies, so that the RAV4 appeared soon a lot of followers.

In 1994, the RAV4 was available only with the short wheelbase three-door body, and a year later appeared long-wheelbase five-door modification.
The machine comes with only two-liter petrol motor power of 129 HP At the engine’s impressive specifications — it is durable, inexpensive to maintain, confidently pulls at lower rpm and is stable at high, providing the car good dynamics. TOYOTA RAV4 with this engine fuel consumption of 10-12 liters per 100 km.
The car has constantly included full drive with distribution of torque equally between the front and rear axles. In cars with manual transmission and a locking center differential activated by a button on the front panel. And paired with an automatic transmission is installed a multi-plate clutch with electronic control.
To use the RAV4 as a true SUV not recommended — from a real jeep it is distinguished by the lack of downshifting, without which driving in the mud or sand is extremely difficult.
The designers of the RAV4 has managed to create a surprisingly sturdy, well-tuned chassis, having a perfect balance between handling, stiffness and ride comfort. Excellent driving characteristics largely due to the frameless monocoque body and “passenger” fully independent suspension.
TOYOTA RAV4: curb weight 1220 mm, gross weight 1690 kg, base 2280 mm, track 1525/1520 mm, length 3750 mm, width 1735 mm, height 1660 mm, engine power 150 HP, working volume 1998 sm3 consumption of 7.3/11 ,.4 l/100 km, a maximum speed of 185 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.6 s.

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