WHEN Car business class AUDI A6Car business class AUDI A6. Over the last few years readers of “M-K” have not had the opportunity to meet with the modern cars of the AUDI brand in our “auto show” “exhibited” Executive A8, the A4 family, the car-class Golf A3… Continuing the conversation about the production company AUDI, today we introduce lovers of history autostructure with the next novelty of the company’s lineup — the car business class AUDI A6.

The founder of “the sixth” the family of the specialists of the company believe the AUDI 100 sedan release 1968. Front-wheel drive car, reminiscent of our “twenty fourth” “Volga”, have good aerodynamics (the drag coefficient of the car was 0,37). The car was equipped with engines with a capacity of 80 and 90 HP in All there were about 800 thousand such cars.
Further development of this class was the AUDI 100 of the class of 1976. The car was in mass production from 1976 to 1982, the volume of the issue amounted to about 900 thousand copies. The car had several modifications, in particular on the basis of the “weave” was created as a two-door sedan and wagon. In 1982, the AUDI 100 was the winner of the European competition “Car of the year”.
Machine options the “sedan” and “station wagons” were equipped with diesel motors capacity from 70 to 136 HP; it is the world’s first was installed “passenger” 115-HP turbo diesel 2,5 TDI. In 1984, the modification, named the AUDI 100 QUATTRO was equipped with four-wheel drive transmission. All in all, it produced more than a million copies.
The next AUDI 100 in the mid 1990-ies, shortly after the launch of mass production, changed its name to the AUDI A6, which introduced uniformity in the range of cars of the company. And in 1997 appeared the machine was originally called the AUDI A6 — it was produced until 2004. For seven years from the conveyor descended more than 1 2 million copies of these cars — both sedans and wagons.
The most recent “six” AUDI rolled off the Assembly line in 2004. Its occurrence is due to a long rivalry firms “Audi”, “BMW” and “Mercedes”, in which the Audi tried to overtake and surpass their old rivals.
Predecessors AUDI A6 release in 2004 (right to left): AUDI 100 (1968), AUDI 100 (1976), AUDI 100 (1982), AUDI 100/AUDI A6 (1992), AUDI A6 (1997)
Predecessors AUDI A6 release in 2004 (right to left): AUDI 100 (1968), AUDI 100 (1976), AUDI 100 (1982), AUDI 100/AUDI A6 (1992), AUDI A6 (1997)

Introducing the new AUDI, it should be noted that the design of cars of different classes issued by the company, externally virtually identical to each other — they have only different dimensions. The similarity is enhanced by the use on all machines branded radiator grille single form — starting with the AUDI A3 and ending with the AUDI A8.
If you compare the new “six” car-classmates E-class MERCEDES and the “five” BMW, the AUDI A6 is slightly larger than rivals. The machine design is lightweight devoid of roundness 1997 models — the appearance of the newcomer became more serious, more businesslike. Restrained and became more ergonomic and the interior of the AUDI A6 — buttons and control keys are larger and more comfortable, and the location of them better. By the way, the button for Electromechanical brake between the seats replaces the traditional Parking brake lever. Enough to turn — off automatically when pulling away, which is especially useful for forgetful drivers or those who are not able to start on the rise.
The car is literally full of electronics and Electromechanical. There is no longer sense to speak about the electric Windows — they are mounted now, almost all auto firm Audi. Electrically it is possible to realize the adjustment of the front seats, and an option to receive and position adjustment of the steering column with the help of actuators. Even a cooled glove box equipped with an electric lock that opens with a button on the center console.
Geometric diagram of the sedan AUDI A6
The geometric scheme of the sedan AUDI A6
Sedan AUDI A6 release in 2004
Sedan AUDI A6 release in 2004
Sedan AUDI A6 release in 2004
The dashboard, Central console and tunnel are a single remote control assemblies of the vehicle. Interestingly, at the stage of computer modeling of the interior designers used a virtual mannequin—a three-dimensional mathematical model of a person, which can be used to work out the main parameters of the interior: the convenience of landing, the mutual position of controls, range of adjustments, steering column and seat.
The driver and front passenger individual control units for separate climate control. By the way, when turning the handles. color LCD display shows the icon of the performed actions: the seat heating, the nominal value of the temperature in the interior of the air or the fan picture the function is extremely simple: the button mode is selected, and the handlebar its intensity.
All modern AUDI A6 is equipped with a headlamp with a so-called daylight because in some countries the rules of the road require drivers to have their headlights on even in the daytime. These devices are made on the basis of energy-saving LEDs, the brightness of which is meets the requirements of the regulations.
The main engines, which are equipped with the AUDI A6 (left to right): V6 turbo-diesel 3,0 TDI common rail cylinder capacity of 3.0 liters and power of 233 HP; the V6 petrol engine the 3.2 FSI direct fuel injection cylinder capacity of 3.2 liters and a power of 255 HP; upgraded V8 petrol engine working volume of 4.2 liters and output of 335 HP
The front suspension is independent, spring, four-link, with stabilizer. Trapezoidal wishbones — aluminium alloy
Front suspension is independent, spring, four-link, with stabilizer. Trapezoidal wishbones — aluminium alloy
The rear suspension is independent, spring, on the transverse trapezoidal wishbone, with stabilizer. Used on front wheel drive and all-wheel-drive versions of AUDI A6
Rear suspension is independent, spring, on the transverse trapezoidal wishbone, with stabilizer. Used on front wheel drive and all-wheel-drive versions of AUDI A6

AUDI A6 — steel bodyshell, but fenders and hood are made of aluminum alloy. In comparison with the “six” of the previous generation, the rigidity of the body torsion was increased by 35 percent.
Over the body shape of the car well done aerodynamics. They managed to optimize air flow, not only over the body from the outside, but one that is formed in the engine compartment, under the underbody and in the wheel arches. As a result, the drag coefficient CX was able to bring to 0.28. Respectively decreased and the levels of aerodynamic noise. To all, “tamed” and appearing at high speeds a lifting force, it managed to reduce by half, which significantly improved the handling of the car.
Front suspension — independent four-link. In design it is almost the same as on the previous model, but for a more optimal weight distribution along the axes of its shifted forward by 83 mm suspension arms — aluminum alloy. To reduce the transferred to the body vibration, using the powerful cushion of the stretcher.
Rear suspension — independent, trapezoidal levers. Suspension of this type are equipped with a front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions of the car. Since 2006, the surcharge can be ordered pneumatic adaptive suspension with four presets — LIFT (increased by 15 mm clearance), COMFORT, AUTOMATIC and DYNAMIC (the latter is reduced by 15 mm ground clearance). In the mode of AUTOMATIC suspension adapts to style of driving and the driver and the quality of the road surface. COMFORT mode improves the smoothness, and the DYNAMIC mode makes the suspension more rigid.
AUDI A6 is offered to customers with one of three petrol engines to choose from — a working volume of 2.4; 3.0 and 4.2 l capacity, respectively, 177, 218 and 335 HP in Addition, the machine can be equipped with a turbodiesel displacement of 3.0 liters and output of 224 HP
Workplace of the driver of the AUDI A6
The driver of the AUDI A6
Dashboard and steering wheel of the AUDI A6
Instrument panel and steering wheel AUDI A6
Geometry station wagon AUDI A6 AVANT
Geometry station wagon AUDI A6 AVANT
Scheme adaptive air suspension station wagon AUDI A6 AVANT. The sedan AUDI A6 this suspension is only installed on request
The scheme is adaptive air suspension station wagon AUDI A6 AVANT. The sedan AUDI A6 this suspension is only set to order

Are also three types of transmission — manual, automatic and CVT Multitrobic. The basic equipment of a sedan with a gasoline engine working volume of 2.4 l includes manual transmission, electronic stability control ESP, anti-lock braking system ABS, six airbags, heated front seats, separate climate control and audio system can all be purchased for 49 $ 560. The head of the model series — the AUDI A6 4.2 QUATTRO — buyer will have to pay 90 $ 420.
In 2005, the company Audi has presented “six”-universal, known officially as the AUDI A6 AVANT There is a widespread belief according to which version of universal classic sedan is seen almost as a utility. In any case, it is believed that the station wagon elegance of the basic vehicle does not add
It is possible that at the time it was, but modern station wagons sometimes look more attractive than sedans prototypes. This fully applies to the AUDI A6 AVANT. Its consumer qualities are such that the share of this universal need, according to experts of the firm Audi, about 40 percent of the total release of the “sixes”. And in 2005, the company plans to raise 60 000 wagons.
One of the notable innovations of the AUDI A6 AVANT is the adaptive air suspension — if the six-sedan it was installed for an additional charge, for the wagon the pendant is normally. Moreover — in contrast to the sedan — suspension wagon is equipped with an electronically shock absorbers MONRO, which change their characteristics gradually and not stepwise.
The testers claim that the air suspension compared with the classic spring, advantageous not only for smooth running and lower noise, but also the so-called “feeling of the car”, due to the degree of feedback on the steering wheel. As shown, the sense of driver confidence in the car with air suspension is shifted to high speed about 30 km/h.
Technical characteristics of the car AUDI A6
Technical characteristics of the car AUDI A6
Unlike the sedan, AUDI A6 AVANT immediately began to produce the V-shaped 6-cylinder turbo-diesel with piezo injectors 2 7 TDI capacity of 180 HP at 3300 — 4250 rpm With the same diesel engine, the wagon accelerates to 100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds
The station wagon is quite roomy trunk (1,66 m3 when folded and 0,565 m3 decomposition rear).
It is worth mentioning that the AUDI A6 AVANT will cost 3 to 4 thousand dollars more than the base sedan So, AUDI AVANT A6 2,4 petrol 2,4-liter engine and continuously variable CVT Multitronic will cost 57 thousand dollars.

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