Aero L-29 Delfin (Czech Republic)

Aero L-29 Delfin (Czechoslovakia)The development of L-29 was started in 1955, took the initiative by a group of engineers from the Research and test flight Institute of Czechoslovakia. First flight of L-29 made the April 5, 1959 L-29 Czechoslovak is the first serial jet car. In 1961, by decision of the Soviet government for political reasons he was selected as the main training aircraft of the countries-participants of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. This decision was not fair – L-29 was lost to the Yak-30 in all the parameters was heavier on 765 kg had a 30% lower thrust-to-weight, 33% less range and less speed.

L-29 series was produced in 1963 and 1973, all built 3665 machines. The most massive in the world of jet training aircraft “Dolphin” was in service with 19 countries (USSR, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Vente, Vietnam, GDR, Ghana, Guinea, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Yemen, China, Mali, Nigeria, Romania, Syria, Uganda). The plane had to participate in a number of local conflicts: the Civil war in Nigeria (1967 – 1970), Yom Kippur War (1973), the Karabakh war (1992 – 1994). Some L-29 are in flying condition until now.
Basic data of L-29
Engine – “Motorlet M-701 500”, thrust 890 kgs. Length -10,81 m. the Wingspan is 10.29 m. wing Area – 19.8 m2. Empty weight is 2280 kg Takeoff weight than 3.54 so the Maximum speed of 655 km/h service ceiling of 11.5 km and a Range of 640 km, and a Crew of two people. Weapons (combat load): 200 kg on two external hardpoints (two containers with 7.62-mm machine guns, or two 100-kg bombs, or two PU 55 mm NAR-5).

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