I-15bisThe biplane I-15 upper wing type “Chaika” was a further development of fighter I-5. The first flight of an aircraft equipped with the engine SGR-1820 F-Z of the company “Wright-Cyclone”, performed by V. Chkalov in 1934, First production vehicles were completed with 480-horsepower engine, M-22, and since 1937 — the M-25 takeoff power 630 HP, the Aircraft was constantly improved. His first option was the I-15bis. different upper wing, located on the scheme parasol.


The most radical modification of the fighter I-153 “Chaika”, which returned to the top wing as I-15. In addition, the car set 920-HP engine M-62 and the retractable main landing gear. Some cars equipped with engines M-63, but because of the low reliability of the engine all work in this direction ceased. I-15bis was successfully used during the fighting at Khalkhin Gol, Spain, Finland, and until the middle of the great Patriotic war (mainly as attack aircraft).

Engine M-25V power 750 HP wingspan of the upper wing is 10.2 m. the wing Area of 22.5 m2. The length of the plane — 6,275 m. take — off weight- 1744 lbs. empty Weight — 1310 kg Weight of fuel and oil 177 kg. Maximum speed of 379 km/h. service ceiling of 9,800 m. Maximum range — 520 km. Run-up/run – 170/237 m. Armament: four machine guns PV-1 7.62 mm

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