KAMOV Ka-226

KAMOV Ka-226Universal multipurpose coaxial helicopter Ka-226 can be used in the transport, medical, agricultural and patrol variants. The multiplicity of application is provided not by modifying the model, and directly to the same specific machine — a large set of easy-to-assemble equipment installed on the fuselage of the machine, which acts as a universal base.

So, the passenger version on the universal base is fixed 7-seat passenger cabin, in the cargo — compartment 1200 kg of cargo. The pilot cabin of the helicopter, equipped with air conditioning and heating, has a good overview.
The helicopter has two engines Allison 250-C20B. A small noise in flight due to low specific load on to get there and the ability to continue the flight when one of the engines allow the Ka-226 to carry passengers over the cities.
KAMOV Ka-226: the diameter of the rotor 13 000 mm; max weight 3100 kg; a load capacity of 1,300 kg; engine — type two turboprop Allison 250-C20B power of 420 HP; maximum speed of 205 km/h; dynamic ceiling 5700 ft; range 600 km, crew 1.

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