AND BACKResidential house, even if it is temporary — the construction difficult. To talk about how to build it, in a relatively short article — it is quite difficult. Therefore, the accompanying text is more of an explanatory note.

Building a temporary structure is being built mainly of cheap, available and easily processed materials. In our particular case, all the basic building processes are designed to perform manually. The materials, products and structures are chosen so that they were convenient to transport. By the way, the temporary structure can then be used for other purposes, or dismantled and its constituent materials remain suitable for re-use.
The pillars of the Foundation (Fig. 13) fit I-beam grillage, which may not be of alexnovo lumber, composite: boards 30×150 mm associated screws or pins, and in two or three places — and even clips from strip steel or bolts.
Fig. 1. The main design elements of the house-a makeshift
Fig. 1. The main design elements of the house-makeshift:
1 — Foundation, 2 — a beam grillage of a 3 — frame (bearing frame). 4 — lags 5 — subfloor (planks, lath), 6 — carpet, 7 — lathing to walls, 8 — sheet inner lining (DSP), 9 — insulation (slag), 10 — sheet atsenta (Albufeira), 11 — a plinth, a 12 — casing, 13 — window frame, 14 — lathing of the roof, 15 — sheet chipboard with waterproofing impregnation, 16 — roof (slate), 17 — a ridge (plate, slate), 18 — insulation, 19 — ply, 20 — fan 21 — divider 22 — crate partition.

Fig. 2. The plan of the house
Fig. 2. The plan of the house:
1 — porch 2 — kitchen with pantry, 3 — bedroom.
On top of these beams exhibited, and the temporarily fixed frame of the carrier frame, also made of boards 30Х150 mm, bound in packages. In the joints of the packages are intertwined and tightened the bolts with toothed washers. To increase the rigidity of the structure between the boards of the package in several places, with the step of 600 mm shall be placed prepared from the same boards gaskets, then tighten bolts. Frames should be assembled on the ground And then lifted up, verifying and locking in place. It is not necessary to tighten the bolts: it is better to tighten when the parts will already be exposed and adjusted relative to each other. For the device on top of floor and bottom members of the frame joists are laid with a pitch of not less than 60 cm, which after installation of the wall construction poured flooring from tongue-and-groove boards or thick reek.
On the frame of the carrier frame are attached to the bars of the crates in increments of a size flat sheets abiamiri used for the external surfaces of walls.
Door and window blocks rigidly mounted between the bars of the crates, and must be installed to provide the opening of doors after nastilki a floor.
Leaves the outer surfaces are pressed against the bars of the crates or by using wooden slats or metal (preferably aluminum) profiles. Rigid attachment of nails or screws is undesirable.
Fig. 3 Node frame
Fig. 3 aspect of the frame:
1 — nut 2 — washer 3 — serrated washer 4 — bolt 5 —Board base of the roof, 6 — stand unit.
Internal surfaces are made of carefully customized chipboard. They will take over part of the transverse loads of the house construction. The boards are attached to the frames of the frame by the screws. Formed between the bars of the crates and plates of the outer and inner fences of the void should be filled when installing mineral wool, sawdust or slag, which will provide sufficient insulation. For durability plates should be three pre-soak with hot linseed oil.
The final finish of the exterior walls be covered with oil or latex paint for exterior use. The inner surface is to hang the failures, except for the section of the wall above the kitchen equipment. Here is preferable to ceramic tiles, which is well attached to prooliflennye chipboard surface with oil putty or heavy-bodied oil paint.
Gaps between walls and door and window trim boxes are closed, the gap between the walls and floors are covered with skirting.
She also performed on the crate, which is fixed between the frames of the frame, and on top of them. Step lathing of the roof to approximately 200 mm. On this basis it is possible to immediately attach a sheet of slate. If I don’t do krishu of the roll material, then on top of crates, you must first lay a Board flooring or chipboard sheets that are pre-necessary proolifit.
Inside the ceiling is covered with plywood or wood lath with painting. If the picture is of plywood or Reiki itself is beautiful, instead of dyes is permissible to use colorless furniture varnish diluted with solvent in the ratio of 1:1. Last advice, however, does not apply if the window is small and North-facing — house will be dark.
The ventilation is realised via the special vertical channels with the pipe, the top of which rises over the ridge of the roof. The kitchen and living areas their own, independent channels with useful section of each of at least 100 cm2. The flow of fresh air through the vents, which should be protected with metal or plastic mesh against insects.
Set of kitchen equipment is reduced to a necessary minimum and consists of three main items. This is a refrigerator type KSH-P (table) with dimensions of 600 X 600 mm in plan and a height of 850 mm; the same level sink, in terms of 500 X 600 mm, stove — gas or electric. The dimensions of the manufactured stoves are close to the limits: height: 850-880 mm, depth 600—6S0 mm, width 400 — 600 mm.
Sewage in a temporary home optional, and the water may be discharged on the rubber KMAPE in the external tank. But better still to build a shallow canal from the kitchen to the sump.
Kitchen equipment can be supplemented with wall cabinets for dishes and products.
Furniture requirements sverkhmolekulyarnogo house, as to the equipment sack train or boat cabin. Every object should occupy a minimum of drudgery, to be multifunctional but also very comfortable. This thread should devote a separate article, here only have to draw the reader’s attention to some features of the proposed solution.
Bed — two-storey, type of wagon. The bottom of the lounger is its structural element connecting the front and rear frame rack. Frame with side tables serves headboard bunk beds, partially forms a rear wall wardrobe, partly the ladder to the top tier.
Fig. 4. The layout of the kitchen equipment
Fig. 4. The layout of kitchen equipment:
1 — sink, 2 — a table-a refrigerator, 3 — stove, 4 — shelf, 5 — a fume cupboard.

R and p. 5. Equipment bedrooms
R and S. 5. Equipment bedrooms:
1 — lower lager-sofa, 2 — stairs — Stoke top chaise lounge, 3 — Cabinet, 4 — spring-loaded emphasis of the upper rug, 5 — hinge lounger, 6 deckchair raise the back of the couch, 7 — cover bed drawers, 8 Cabinet doors — bedside tables, 9 — folding table.

Bedside tables mounted one above the other and open: bottom — side passage, the upper — side of the bed.
Top lounger bed is associated with the frame-uprights only one sidewall, and the fastening is carried out with the help of universal joints. On the opposite side frames must be installed latches, providing reliable dispute the beds in the raised position. In the daytime this shelf is lowered and elfic the back of the sofa, in a soft train compartment.
Fastening the top of the lounger directly to the wall is dangerous, 1ак as the strength of particleboard used for walls, insufficient.
Offensive is hinged to a window unit, so the height of the window SILL should be 750— 800 mm, which should be considered during installation.
The proposed project is “at a minimum”: dimensions of all rooms is reduced to the limits defined by the dimensions of furniture and equipment, as well as norms for small residential buildings.
Area you can increase yourself depending on your needs. Section and components of the framework are adopted with a margin, enough to increase RAM sung. Many elements of a specially simplified to a house could build even a person who has not previously had relations in construction
G. BEREZIN, architect

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