The need for a guest table at their summer cottage occurs not so often, only bump when friends or family collectively to enjoy the outdoors or to celebrate any family event or celebration.
But not to make the same for such a case the appropriate furniture, which most of the time will be unused and will stand idle. Moreover, you should get in the way, occupying usable area of a port or from the weather, if kept under the open sky, like all the garden designs.
Of course, it is possible for a case to come up with something composite is placed on the lawn of the small tables. However, most likely, get something different and uncomfortable.
However, there is an option that will help in such a situation, even if it happened unexpectedly. Hungarian journal “Earmaster” suggests that offhand you can get a big table, and did not specifically making and using the… any door.
It is advisable to take this framed and smooth, so the bumps didn’t create “surprises” under the tablecloth or oilcloth, when the door will temporarily turn into a countertop. The only thing she will need, taken from the loops, so it is in any support.
As a support will fit almost any stand (examples shown in the figures). Interestingly, in all embodiments, the active role played by the hinges: they allow to reliably fix tools in a makeshift tabletop on any stand so that there is no progress with a careless movement of the participants of the feast.
Shows the options table is very easy and depend only on the fact that in the moment were, as they say, at hand. Found in a wood shed suitable churbachki the same size — and you can use them as feet, not forgetting to attach the door to them-the top cord or wire through the loops of the hitch.
A sufficiently stable support will serve container boxes put one on another and fastened together with clothespins improvised door out of folded metal strips.
Table-impromptu from the removed door hinges
Table-impromptu from the removed door hinges (with bearing And on container boxes, B — churbachki, on the bricks, G — the trestles):
1 —door table-top; 2 — door hinge; 3 — a pin of the metal strip; 4 — container; 5 — cable (wire); 6 — churbachki; 7 — figure bracket; 8 — stand; 9 — trestles

Possible and more solid options, the maximum guarantee the stability and reliability of the temporary table. For example, the legs no worse (maybe even better) will serve as a wooden or metal trestles, to which the door leaf must also attach through the loops. And it is really capital the table do you get if you use a brick pedestal garden planters. Especially if when they are laying ahead of time to lay in the top row of bricks a decorative metal bracket that would facilitate mounting (and also through the loop) doors-worktops.

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