BATH FROM A BARCurrently to build a sauna from a variety of building materials offered on the market today. The main criteria influencing the choice, become their own preferences, financial capabilities and experience with a particular material. A private bath may be the embodiment of your design decisions.


Traditional Russian sauna is made of wood logs, timber or logs, embodying all the advantages of a natural material. The most simple construction technology is characterized by a bath from a bar that combines the natural aroma of wood and steam, allowing you to relax after working days.


Why many people choose for the construction of timber and not other materials?
First, timber is eco-friendly and safe material, free of harmful impurities;
Second, the construction of baths from a bar with your hands does not take much time and is available to almost anyone who has a little experience with materials and tools;
Third, timber is well placed in the ranks, almost does not shrink, keeps the body warm.
It should be noted that the device of walls baths from a bar carried out immediately on the Foundation that differentiates the technology of construction technology of construction baths of logs, for which first logs customize on the earth, and only then transfer them to the Foundation. Another difference is that the selected material is that it is easy enough to calculate how much lumber into the bath. Timber is an excellent material that does not require professional help for installation, so the construction of baths from a bar can be considered cost-effective.
The final phase of construction bath from a bar is considered to be training log to shrinkage, which lasts at least six months. After preparation of the frame on the top wreaths are placed a number of boards, which is covered with slate or roofing material. In due time perform finishing work and produce a final improvement of the baths.
The roof of the baths is shed or gable. The first type is well suited for small baths, it has a cheaper cost of manufacture. The roof of the second type are characterized by a more complex structure, successfully applied for larger structures, for example, for bath of beam with attic.
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