RETRO-ARBA FOR THE GARDENOn the border of abandoned orchards, in a thicket of nettles, accidentally discovered the old axle with a pair of wrought-steel wheels – the remains of the village hand truck waited in the wings. Excavated and cleared of earth and grass rarity brought home and presented to the “home of the Commission on restoration.” It was decided to restore the cart-a cart to original appearance.

Such carts have been exploited in the days of my childhood. Not every master was in this vehicle! Despite its apparent simplicity, the truck was rationally designed. Forged large diameter wheels (almost like carts) allowed fairly easy to transport sacks of potatoes and vegetables, hay, firewood, household goods. In addition, the center of gravity located above the axis that almost took effort to lift cargo, but only on its movement. Loading platform was located quite high above the wheels, so lifting even the heavy bags on the shoulders was carried out from optimum height by the loader, without assistance. Truck has good maneuverability, and it could how to pull and push, depending on road conditions.
For the recovery truck took the son and I was his consultant and assistant.
First made restoration work chassis. Using a grinder I smoothed out the welds and cut off rusted bolts.
1 – wheel (steel, forged, 2); 2 – cargo area flooring (pine boards); 3 – shaft (aspen and birch slug, 2); 4 – М10х80 bolt with washers and nuts (6 set); 5 – nail 80×4 (as required); 6 – strut strut (steel, round Ø14. 4 pieces); 7 – axle (steel □32×32); 8 – cross member (steel strip section 40×5, 2 PCs.)

Brush and sandpaper and removed the rust and cleaned everything with solvent. All the metal parts are painted in black color – Kuzbassugol.
Manufacturer of wooden parts held under the slogan – everything should look as before.
Found these old poles and stale wide resin Board. All molded on all sides and sanded. On the handles marked and drilled holes with recesses under heads of new bolts M10 for fastening them to the supporting tie rods-racks.
Fixing a shaft to the chassis of the truck (a); the socket head bolt in the shaft (b)
Fastening a shaft to the chassis of the truck (a); the socket head bolt in the shaft (b)
The boards sawed off with a small allowance, laid on poles, with some displacement of their center of gravity to the rear. Under the nails in the boards pre-drilled holes to avoid cracking when nailing. The sharp ends of the nails, passed through, dulled and bent.
Latest joinery operation – smooth sawing edges of boards for marking lines.
Question: painting deck or not – proved to be controversial: after all the times that it’s hardly carried out. In addition, the truck looked spectacular and without painting. However, the protective layer a modern, almost colorless impregnation, made the product more vivid and long-lasting – in fact all year round it stands under the open sky.
Now on the truck do not deliver the goods, but she adorns the garden, standing near the gazebo and wow guests with the UPS and downs of their own destiny.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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