BEHIND THE WALL AND THE WARDROBE AND THE BEDBuilt-in furniture for country attic. As a rule, country attic (the so-called well-maintained loft happy owners shestietazhnyj plots) — the room is not too large, so that linen cupboard and a couple of beds can take most of it. Meanwhile in the attic for placement and cabinets, and beds it is possible to use the volume located between the sloped roof slopes and vertical walls.

In truth, the work began with the establishment of built-in wardrobes, however, the measurement of the attic revealed that the lateral attic can be free to hide two standard beds with a width of 950 mm and a length of 1900 mm. just had to figure out a way to clean built in wardrobes. The task was not too complicated, and its solution can be seen in the figures and drawings.
It seems that there is no need to describe in detail the design of built-in wardrobe. Since the “fix” it you will have to a real attic with a personal size and design, should focus only on the bed — the subject is obviously the standard in its dimensions.
My built — in Cabinet- four shelves, three of them top — cut from laminated chipboard. In principle, it would be possible to make them of another material — from thick plywood or planed boards with a thickness of about 20 mm.
Three upper shelves are designed for pillows, blankets and bed linen, and the bed in the retracted position is, of course, at the widest, bottom shelf, which is a continuation of the floor in the attic. On the front surface of the wardrobe four opening sashes and one blind (non-opening) panel — they are also cut from laminated chipboard. All sashes are hung using the card loops.
Fig. 1. Universal Built-in wardrobe to the attic (at the top of the retracted bed, downstairs with extended bed)
Fig. 1. Universal built-in wardrobe to the attic (at the top of the retracted bed, downstairs with bed extended):
1,3 — upper sash built Cabinet, 2 — “deaf panel”, 4, 5, the lower Cabinet doors, 6 —bed in the retracted position, 7, 10 guide rail, 8 — shelf closet, a 9 — bed in the extended position

Fig.2. The device roll-out bed
Fig.2. The device roll-out beds:
1 — long wall of boxes, beds, 2 — short wall boxes, 3 wall beds, 4 stop extension of the bed 5 — the support base of the mattress, 6 — porolonovyj mattress, 7 — base mattress, 8 — upholstery fabric, 9 — M6 furniture screw, 10 — nut M6 11 — furniture wheel, 12 — bracket, 13, 14 — mounting of the mattress with buttons, wood stud and textile tape

The bed itself is very simple — it is a box of parts cut from laminated chipboard with a thickness of 20 mm. Connection — using furniture bolts with M6 thread and nuts. Standard dock boxes are shown on one of the drawings.
The upper part of the box closed 12 mm plywood laid on slats with a cross-section 30×30 mm — the latter is fixed with screws on the walls. Screws attached to the rails and a sheet of plywood.
At the bottom of the box has four furniture wheel, which will roll out from the closet. There are fixed two steel brackets with a hole 10 mm in diameter, about the purpose of these brackets later.
Plywood on top of stacked mattress — “slab” of foam thickness of 80 mm in the case of fabric and secured to the box in 8 — 10 points with large buttons and textile ribbon. In conclusion, the bed is sheathed with a suitable cloth with furniture studs.
In the back of the box furniture bolts fixed to wall — it also cut from laminated chipboard. Of the same material made stop the nomination of the bed, screwed with screws to the rear wall of the bed.
Fig.3. It looks like a loft with versatile built-in wardrobe
Fig.3. It looks like a loft with versatile built-in wardrobe:
And go to bed, Cabinet doors closed, B —open lower Cabinet doors, behind them is visible a roll-out bed; In the bed in the extended position, the upper Cabinet doors are closed; G— bed in the extended position, opened the top Cabinet doors
When determining the width of the opening of the Cabinet should take into account the length of the bed, the thickness of the two door leaves and two 5-mm gap. Under these conditions the bed is easy to clean wardrobe. By the way, for the furniture of the wheels on which the bed is rolled into the Cabinet, it is desirable to make guides with their outer sides to fasten a couple of wooden slats.
Now it’s time to think about the devices, which are only mentioned above — two steel brackets with holes with a diameter of 10 mm, fixed to the lower sides of the short walls of the bed boxes. When you open the lower sash a closet and rolled out of his bed, then the doors, these will need to be secured so that they can fulfil the function of the sidewalls of the bed. It will need two window latches — you only need to fix them on the doors so that the rods of the latches fell into a 10-mm holes in those brackets by the Way, the latches will need to the retracted position of the bed — as a lock for shutters built-in wardrobe.

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