BUSINESS CARD OF A COUNTRY HOUSENot talkr the house, but the fence around it has a lot to say about the host: one it’s an easy fence, another fence and the third fence. But whatever the barrier, it is necessary to maintain order, then it looks very different. Here are some practical tips, suggested to readers of the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”.

1. Rickety, rotten stem of a fence can be strengthened dug or pocketed next to the rail, adjusted vertical level. For greater stability of timber it is better to nail to the post with nails or attach screws, drilling brace under them holes, and then tightening the screws cut off the excess bolts with a hacksaw.




2. More reliable will be able to correct the lop-sided fence, if you set holding up the rail-brace.



3. A good “wand” in the repair of the fence — metal corner: it will help to attach horizontally to the column or to splice them in place of the fracture.



4. Cut down the rotten bottom Board of the fence, the new one can be attached to the bar nailed to the column.




5. Restoring a wooden fence, it is necessary to try to remove the old nails, the rust harm the tree, it is also Desirable not to disturb the old structure of the fence: if the boards were sewn overlapping, the “patch” should be put as well.



6. Replacing large areas, it is better to mark the line of the fence with string stretched between pegs; contours to count ass wormed “under the stick” and insert their pointed ends into the grooves of the columns; at fastening of the boards is better to use a measuring bar, ensuring the same width of “picture”.



7. Capital fence can be collected from the individual, in advance of the downed boards, attached them to the posts with nails or with metal ears.



8. On top of the fence could be arranged in decorative grille, besides increasing its height.



9. Looks nice went Kai a fence of thin poles nailed at the same distance from each other.





10. An interesting variant of the decorative fence is easy to obtain by nailing poles or fence e inclined position.

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