CHAISE LOUNGERCHAISE LOUNGERWant to relax and indulge in the sweet inactivity, lying in the sun in a comfortable lounger in a quiet corner plot of a country house? Tempting, isn’t it? To accomplish this, we need a little preparatory work is available, as evidenced by the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself”, any hardworking vacationers. Following the proposed recommendations, will be able to inexpensively fabricate this alluring sunbed on during the hot summer.

Chaise practical and comfortable always, but especially if you want to get a good tan. Design, despite its apparent massiveness, is very mobile and moves easily on built-in furniture in any part of the site, behind the sun.
Key elements in the design of all three: it is a frame, a movable headboard and paneling (the lounger and head part).
It consists of two sidewalls, the front and rear vertical cross members and a middle, horizontal. Sides can be made of boards or chipboard. The symmetry and shaped the identity of these items are easy to create using the template, cut out cardboard from the proposed grid pattern.
Crossmember frame plank; on the sides they are connected by bosses (front and rear) and planks (middle). In the head part of the frame on the vertical edges of the sidewalls is the covering of the same slats as the lounger. She plays not only decorative role, but also serves as a support for adjustment of the tilt of the head.
It cranked part is made of two pairs of narrow boards, the main of which are load — bearing, with swivel one end, with sidewalls, and the other with serrated bearing knees. The last in the bottom part are connected by a cross member, giving the overall stiffness of the head and provides the emphasis to the internal crossbar at the top of his instep. The remaining provisions of the inclination is achieved by the focusing gear parts, including the front trim frame.
Bearing knee headboards have their cladding, which fades into a General trim lounger. Joints of the knees can be M6 bolts with washers and nuts (or wooden pins with respective cotter pins).
The main parts of the chaise longue
The main parts of the sun lounger:
1—cover; 2—outer and inner vertical rail; 3—the middle horizontal crossbar; 4—horizontal support bar cross member (2 PCs); 5—wooden boss (2); 6—bearing knee headboard (2 pieces); 7—bearing (gear) knee headboard (2 pieces); 8—supporting cross head; 9—the hinges (a bolt with washer and nut); 10 — cladding (wooden slats); 11 screws; 12—gasket (rubber strip); 13—furniture wheel (2 PCs.)

The main parts of the chaise longue
It is made of wooden planks the same thickness and width with ventilation spaces between them about the size of the thickness of the strap.
The planks are fastened with nails around the top contour of the sidewalls, and call the rear end part of the frame, and the front — to covering the head.
This coating lounger provides the necessary comfort even without bedding, even though it does not hurt when being executed as a lightweight changing Mat or a folded in half blanket.
To facilitate the retrieval of deck chair from the room on the lawn or move it on site, in the rear of the frame to lugs connecting the cross member side, fasten two furniture wheels with a large “suspension”. The level of installation themselves bosses in this case are chosen so that the wheels touched the ground only when the front part of the frame is raised to move deck chairs. The role play strap handles trim the front of the frame.
Since the chaise is furniture for lounging, it needs to be bright, colorful and elegant. Therefore, as a finish suitable staining all visible details with oil paints, varying the color in accordance with their own taste to produce the chaise of the master. The only clue here is the color of the sidewalls in a pleasant green color, and plank sheathing should be painted in pairs, alternating shades of paint in two trims — this eliminates unnecessary medley.
Prior to painting all surfaces should be thoroughly treated with sandpaper so that there is chipping and roughness. Paint is first diluted to well absorbed into the tree, and then, after drying — normal consistency of thick cream, in several layers with intermediate drying.

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