As you know, Smoking food in the smoke during the combustion of hardwood timber. Smoker is usually placed at some distance from the camera cold-smoked and connect their fireplace to the majority of the solid particles, tar and other substances produced in combustion and are considered carcinogenic, did not reach the future specialties, and settled on the walls of the chimney. If all this is done at home using improvised means, the smokehouse turns out bulky, and cooking of meats often goes with the violation of sanitary-hygienic norms.

The other thing I offer is the installation of high quality smoked products. The basis of the smoker is a metal container (the combustion chamber) loaded with firewood (even softwood), which is elektrospiral ignition. It is designed for safe voltage 12 V, since the smoker is immersed in a tank of water (opening down) and gently pressed down with a yoke that did not pop up accidentally.
Above the tank hung on the hooks of the products to be smoked. From the step-down transformer serves a 12-volt voltage on elektrospiral ignite… And as soon as the water starts to pronunciate bubbles of fragrant smoke, the products and the design of the cover casing, which can be a box, barrel or even a cardboard box of suitable capacity.
Homemade device for cold-smoked products
Homemade device for cold-smoked products:
1 — elektrospiral 12 V; 2 — the fuel for the smoker (spruce, pine, fir and other “fragrant” wood; 3 — metal combustion chamber; 4 — “water” filtration chimney; 5 — yoke; 6 — tank; 7 — thermal and moisture resistant cord; 8 — front of “rod”; 9 — steel wire hook; 10 — products to be cold smoked;
11 — the case of the smokehouse
The advantages of the proposed method smoked:

a) the smoke is efficiently cooled in water, so no need to care about the long chimney and create a bulky construction of the smokehouse;
b) the process resembles the clearing of smoke in the hookah smokers of the East: the passage through the water fragrant
the smoke gets rid of suspended particles, tar, smoke, other, seemingly inevitable, but unnecessary and even harmful impurities;
C) smoke in any place, up to the balcony of a city apartment;
g) firewood, burning without access of air at electrospray turn into charcoal suitable for drawing, use in folk medicine or as a means for cleaning beverage home making.
R. KRAVTSOV, city of Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai

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