GARDEN CARTIn No. 1 of 1982 of the journal in the article “Truck changes his profession” was told about one of the most simple designs of garden carts on Bicycle wheels, with enough capacity and good duct patency. If you already have a similar truck, without much difficulty, you can quickly turn it into a bike trailer. So, first take a section of pipe with a length of 80-100 mm, with a diameter of about 30 mm. at one end drill a hole that matches the thickness of the seat tube of your bike, and the other perpendicular to it make two holes for M8 bolts and saw out through the groove. There insert a rubber strip (as shown in figure 1), for example, old tires, size 50×150 mm, both sides of which must be the same opening as the coupling device and the drawbar of the cart. Now assemble the hitch and reinforce the seat tube.

From the side of the truck similarly flexible liner is inserted into a groove of the drawbar, which can serve as duralumin pipe with a diameter of about 20 mm; it should be curved so that the top end would be just at the level of the drawbar and the bottom flattened, wound up at the bottom of the box and fixed there: this connection must be detachable (so it was not difficult to implement a reverse transformation of the trailer into the truck).
If you are going to transport heavy loads, and even on bumpy roads or forest trails, take a double pole — two pipes. Bottom mount them on the bottom of the box and the rubber liner clamp between them as by bolts, but the configuration of the pipes have to change.
Now about devices for transportation of various cargoes. If you mean sand, sod, soil from the forest, logs, or, say, fertilizers in bags, here we can only recommend: do not overload excessively the truck to prevent damage, distribute the Luggage evenly PA square bottom or, conversely, concentrate in the center. But the branches of trees or bushes, no matter how fit, will be hanging from the low sides.
Do a quick grid of wooden beams height 700 — 800 mm; vertical cross-section 10X20 mm horizontal — 10X60 mm. they are Inserted into the metal bracket located on the inside surfaces of the boards.
Such gratings can be used for the carriage of cut grass. But the frequency of the horizontal bars will have to increase (so that the grass is not poured between them), adding another pair, only thinner. Mounting bolts M6 allows you to quickly remove them.
Hay the truck is able to take a small MOP. But how to reconcile it! Again will help of the lattice, the now high — strut section 20 X 30 mm, length 1700 mm, and the thinner cross — 10x30x600 mm. And you can put only two “fences” — front and back.
When it comes to linking, put them on top of the hay thick pole, as is done in rustic carts, and tie a rope across. So it will be Packed securely.
Fig. 1. Hitch
Fig. 1. Hitch:
1 — tube seat post bike, 2 — bracket, 3 — bolt (M8) 4 — flexible insert, 5 — bolt (M8) 6 — pole truck.
Fig. 2. Fixtures for the carriage of goods by cart
Fig. 2. Fixtures for the carriage of goods on the cart:
1 — wooden gratings for seedlings of fruit trees and shrubs, 2 — cut grass, 3 — for transportation of hay, 4 for seedlings.
However, the goods that require vertical mounting. But for seedlings or, for example, pots with peat need horizontal decks from sheets of plywood with a thickness of 5-10 mm, cut to size of bottom of box.
They are mounted on side brackets, one above the other and fixed by inserting into the grooves of the bars-die, located at the edges of the decks. Get a three-storey body with a sufficient height. One of the end walls of the box (e.g., rear) shall be removed so as not to interfere with the laying of seedlings.
In these decks you can also cut holes for cans, large bottles, finally, a bucket. For example, in one of them at the top. But if to make them even and at the bottom, the tanks will be securely fastened to the truck and transportation, for example, glass containers will be safe.
Design grids can be very diverse, not only with the decking and cut-outs. For their production using wooden bars and plywood, and dural tube, sheet, metal and wire grating. In short, everything that is at hand.

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