GARDEN Barbecue has long been the international (or interregional) Russian dish, spreading throughout the former Soviet Union and even beyond. Every connoisseur of this dish is your “brand” the secret of its preparation. Besides, meat kebabs, many people prefer now the variations from birds, fish and even mushrooms and vegetables, leaving unchanged only the final process of obtaining the finished product — roasting, which, in fact, gives a special flavor to food.

But because then we are not talking about barbecue, but about a specific “unit” for the last stage of cooking — roasting, which is called the grill.
The main, or the main part of the grill — roaster. It has the shape of an oblong box, the bottom wall of which are welded to each other by a continuous seam.
The length of the box depends on the maximal number of skewers you intend to place on the roaster, but we must remember that it length really depends on the wood consumption. Width of the grill is selected by the length of the working part of skewers. But the height of the walls (or if you prefer, the depth of the brazier) is appointed generally solely empirical (based on experience). My brazier walls height is 200 mm. However, it is selected taking into account the fact that the bottom of the brazier furnace lined with brick, forming under. The bricks are placed on the bottom flat without mortar, right next to one another.
Looking ahead, I note that the brick under the incitement of wood does not interfere in the furnace absorbs the heat energy of burning wood, and the barbecue gives it back, maintaining the heat of the coals. In the end, more evenly fried prefabricated (both on the surface and at depth), is speeding up its preparation. Besides, it saves firewood and does not overheat the bottom and the bottom of the walls. When going on company picnics with grill bricks do not take, and on the bottom of the grill fall asleep dry sand — the result too, though not as effective.
1 — handle with hooks (wire of stainless steel Ø10, 2); 2 — under (brick kiln dimensions 250x125x65, according to need); 3 — fryer (sheet s4); 4 — leg (pipe 3/4″, 4 pieces); 5 — supply of firewood; 6 — longitudinal connection (pipe 1/2″, 2); 7 — cross (rough 1/2″, 2 pieces); 8 — mesh (wire Ø2)

Cover the brazier
Cover roasting pan (galvanized steel sheet s0,9)
In long walls of the grill drilled five holes with a diameter of 15 mm at a distance of 80 mm from the bottom (center). If you compare the grill to the stove, the holes perform the functions of are — contribute to the burning firewood.
From the bottom to the bottom of the box-welded braziers in the corners of its four legs are made of identical lengths of old water pipe To the lower ends of the pipe sections are welded round plugs-bushed steel 4 mm sheet. Approximately 1/4 of the height from the bottom of the legs in pairs (on the long side) bonded connections of half-inch water pipe. Connection connected by two crossbars of the same pipe. And between them (connections and cross-beams) stretched wire mesh. That’s it and laid to dry an extra load of firewood.
Someone may need to make the legs detachable. In this case, the bottom corners can be welded to the threaded tap coupling and the upper ends of the legs cut into the appropriate thread. But then it will be difficult to tie the legs together to ensure the stability of the structure.
Another option is to make a removable roasting pan. For this it is necessary to weld on top of legs harness-the cradle of segments of suitable angles for the dimensions of the bottom, to be able to set the roaster, and the rest of the structure of the legs left as in the basic version.
The poker
Poker (strip steel 15×4)

Tray (steel sheet s0,8)

The fan
1 — fan (dural sheet s1,5); 2 — handle(wood)

Skewer (stainless steel, strip 8×2, quantity -on demand)
From the sides to the bottom and walls of the welded handles made of stainless steel rod with a diameter of 10 mm. Handles are curved so that their ends made in the form of hooks, which are good to hang barbecue different personal belongings available, which will be discussed below. Note that the handles are made of stainless steel give in General the utilitarian grill some, I would say grace.
In the end they smoothed out all the welds and painted the grill (the edge of the handles) Kuzbassugol.
Now about the junk. Because the grill is always in the garden under the open sky, for the braziers made the cover. Its made of galvanized steel sheet thickness 0,9 mm. Cover is slightly longer than the grill, so that rain water does not leak into the brazier. The long edges of the cover are bent so that they are a little springy and tightly pressed to the front and rear walls of the cover does not blow away even in strong winds.
Mental poker form is the same as furnace. It is made of steel strip section 15×4 mm Only in contrast to the kiln — it is wide, as is used for raking and uniform distribution of coal.
Scoop is also reminiscent of the kiln. The only difference is that a wet handle is raised above a shovel to get your hands dirty when cleaning grills. The scoop is made from the same galvanized sheet steel and the lid, and the handle is made of the same strip, and poker.
The fan is quite a simple product, which is a 200×200 mm square plate of 1.5 mm of aluminum with riveted to her slip wooden handle. For the possibility of the suspension webs of the hook in the corner of a drilled hole. The handle can be made of regular standing, if someone did try it that way.
And the last accessory — skewers. I made much earlier of the grill when I was cooking kebabs on more than necessary. Eventually they lost their luster, and only their arms are polished steel.
In conclusion, the same one who made the grill, I wish you Bon appetit!
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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