HOUSE PETA roof over my head and need a four-legged friend that’s guarding your house. It does not require much, but shelter from the weather is necessary and the dog. And to build a kennel is available to any owner, and this does not require special skills, special tools or materials – enough that usually have on hand: boards, roofing material, nails, handsaw, hammer.
So, for the cause!

The device of the kennel

Four walls, polik Yes, gable roof – that’s all the device of a dog home. As you can see, it is simple, and its manufacturing process. Judge for yourself.

Wall – boards, hammered together from boards. For the side walls the last we saw of that length, which more or less corresponds to the size of your four-legged friend, when he lies, and the end walls when he curled up. The same applies to the height of the hammer together shield: it is advisable to fit his height.

But the FFA (“log in” in the doghouse) may be half the dog’s growth – it will still squeeze through, but less chance to get inside the kennel to rain or snow. With the same purpose sizes krysevych shields best to do with a slouchy fit, so that they perimeter was significantly blocked the main part of the kennel.

So, let’s examine the main components of the doghouse and their production.


National doghouse

Team doghouse:

1 – polik; 2— panels of the main box; 3-roof bracket; 4 – shields roof; 5 – ridge area



Manufacturer best to start with the break-in of the boards of the walls -then after Assembly it will be easier to adjust the dimensions of the roof and polycarbonate.

Those who had in former times to send parcels in plywood boxes, of course, remember the special feature of their device: the bars of the frame there was sometimes a shift from the edges of the walls, allows you conveniently attach them to the box. The same principle applies here: the sidewalls of the kennel the vertical bars of the frame are beaten strictly on the edge, and the anterior and posterior wall is indented on the wood thickness of the sidewalls where they go during Assembly, which facilitates its implementation and provides additional rigidity to the resulting box.

In the front shield after the break cut the appropriate size hole, which is on the back side flanked by additional bars (can be limited to only vertical, which are nailed on the sides of the hole).

After making all four shields are knocked together they are with each other, forming the main part of the doghouse in the form of an open top and bottom boxes.


Now we have a box close. From the bottom it will make polik, a shield which closely welded, to the already assembled box is covered on all four sides. And beneath the bars of Polycom will play the role of a legs due to which he will not be in contact with the ground and is isolated from moisture in the kennel is always dry.


To save from the rain the kennel is the roof, which is so closely welded that fits over the box of the kennel like a hat, even without additional fastening. The trick lies in the fact that in addition to the two inclined boards – roof slopes will be required to bring down to them two peculiar triangular bracket: they are attached to the ramps at the ends and provide them with support and the necessary slope.

Brackets consist of two boards fastened together approximately 45°. Behind this pair are connected by a horizontal Board, which will support the roof when you “equip” it on the box anymore. After the break-in of the rays and connecting them with brackets remains to attach the top ridge area, which will block the crack at the junction of rays and kennel ready.


The design is interesting because it is almost collapsible. This is useful during seasonal visits to the country, and, if necessary, to remove the doghouse in storage for the winter.

Of course, no special finishing such a structure is not required, but the minimum necessary should be performed. First of all it is necessary to protect the wood from external influences by processing linseed oil, painting with oil paints or with special protective liquid type “Teks”. It is at the discretion of the owner.

But what you need to do is to cover anything to the roof so that it will not leak in bad weather. Here are possible options. If there is a sheet of tin of the required size, then you can upholster them with ramps and painted with oil paint. Fit for this also roofing felt, roofing felt or, in extreme cases, unnecessary cloth, and film, which is used for greenhouses. You only need to strength to secure them on the edges and in the middle of the wooden slats.

I think that four-legged friend such a gift will be pleased.


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