Individual suburban area I have a small 5 acres, therefore, the brick house I built corresponding: 4,5×4 m Room razgorodit decorative wall to bedroom and living room. And to make it more cozy, put in the living room fireplace. And now Narada: fireplace heats the room properly, creates an unusual situation “dialogue” with an open fire. Besides takes place a bit in the area. I would be happy if somebody uses my experience.

Special difficulties in the calculation and subsequent execution of the plan my mini-fireplace has not arisen. Although the design of the corner kamelek, as I called it, different from the traditional wall fireplaces (or free-standing in room), suggests, of course, some departure from the usual schemes and, as a result, an independent decision of the individual elements of the furnace, the chimney and the pipe. Therefore, the preparatory and operational stages of its creation require a slow, thoughtful approach — the proverb “try seven times, cut once”.
Before the walls had drawings made — “porjadovki”. On them are carefully selected and customized bricks to dry, after which it is laid on the mortar (clay and sand in the ratio 1:1). Masonry used dense red bricks, the furnace and refractory.
In developing the draft of the fireplace, it is important to calculate the duct sectional area in the pipe and the dimensions of portal (the window of the firebox).
Right angle mini-fireplace
Right angle mini-fireplace:
1 — the Foundation (concrete slab); 2 — laying the main (red brick); 3 — furnace (refractory bricks); 4 — the support portal top (steel area); 5 — a decorative Board; 6 — flue; 7 — frame adapter (steel area 45x45x4); 8 — thrust damper-damper; 9 — handle of the damper; 10 — window cleaning beaters; 11 — shield-reflector; 12 — hook for hanging the pot; 13 — bracket guide rail gate, bottom; 14 — centering damper (trumpet); 15 — the gate-valve (steel sheet s4); 16 — directing gate (pin M10); 17 —bracket guide gate and an umbrella (steel strip); 18 — the umbrella top of the tube (roofing iron); 19 — the belt under the arm (steel strip); 20 — pipe; 21 — the valve; 22 — the bearing-frame adapter (steel strip 50×3).

The ratio of their squares should be about 1:10. Saw: if you take more, for example 1:15 and the fireplace will be warming, and cooling the room, turning into the hood.
The width of the portal my fireplace — 600 mm, height — 500 mm, and the area of the chimney — 378 cm2. Above the ceiling portion of the triangular chimney passes through a square pipe through the frame adapter. To protect the roof from sparks, pipe raised to 400 mm above the ridge. Overall height (from bottom of the furnace) made 6 M.
On the top of the tube top set of umbrella roofing iron. To keep warm and to protect the chimney from throwing snow, release the pipe closed with steel valve-gate size 410×280 mm. the System of ascent is simple. In the chimney at different heights installed rails — metal strip with holes of 10 mm, through which skipped rod of 6 mm wire.
Masonry: brick red — 582 piece brick refractory — 192 pieces.
Solution: clay — 8 buckets, sand -300 kg cement, 200 kg.
Finished parts and materials: cleanout door — 1 PCs, angle steel 45×45 mm — 3 m, steel reinforcement Ø12 mm — 1m, steel pipe Ø15 mm — 380 mm, Board pine 1300x450x50 mm — 1 PCs., concrete M100 — 0.5 m3, -4 m2 roofing, plate steel 410x280x3 mm — 1 PC., steel wire ø 6 mm — 6 m
The upper end is attached to the damper-the damper and the lower to the steering arm with the handle omitted in the steel pipe with a diameter of 15 mm through the wall of the chimney (just above Pro-chestnoi door, which is laid over the “smoke tooth”). Calculated so that when the handle is turned 180° pull, pushed open the gate, lifted it over the pipe of not less than 200 mm. Protopic, turn the knob in the opposite direction, the chimney is closed and the heat stays in the house.
Another useful trick: in the furnace to the inclined plate that reflects heat on the floor, fastened in masonry brick steel hook. On it is hung a cast-iron pot for cooking. And after the wood burned and remain bright hot coals, you can cook and barbecue. For this purpose, the firebox slide the metal table-barbecue. I hear a Sizzling barbecue? And what flavor! And it’s all right there in the living room, even if the wall suddenly cleared the storm and the rain.
I wish you to acquire such kamelek!


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