ONLY BARSOur magazine has repeatedly published materials about the manufacturing of various garden furniture, assembled of wooden slats or bars. Basically it was a design intended for use in the interior of a country house. Today we acquaint readers with the original small buildings for a suburban area, for a manufacturer which can be useful to the same bars and rails, typically after the construction of the house or fence or specially prepared for this lumber as did the Kharkov gardeners collection Birko.

My dad is an engineer, a big fan of all sorts of homemade products and designs. When we purchased the cottage, had a new field of activity, development and Assembly of multifunctional structures for their beloved grandchildren. Our experience in the manufacture of such structures, I hope will satisfy readers. The main advantages are ease of manufacture and a small amount of time spent.
Depending on the condition of suburban area (or yard) you can collect a “family” product, solved in the same architectural style.
This article provides a few simple constructs from the standard elements — wooden bars. Each with a little skill cottager may collect within one hour.
The children not only gain pleasure when using the product, but also participating in their manufacture.
Lattice gazebo Lattice gazebo
Lattice gazebo
The main structural elements of country products are wooden bars with a width of 40 mm with a thickness of 30 mm and a length of from 100 to 1200 mm, preferably of pine.
The structural strength is ensured by the plug-in connection through the holes provided in the horizontally-laid sticks departing from the ends up to 70 mm, drill holes with a diameter of 5 mm.
Reiki is a join between the flexible pins of the aluminum single core electric wire to vinyl chloride sheath APV 2.5 mm2 different lengths. This gives you the ability to easily dismantle or transform the design.
Most downtime is the playpen for toddlers. It can be made square, rhombic, hexagonal or octagonal shape and any height. In our experience, the most acceptable is the playpen hexagonal shape consisting of 48 strips and six-wire probes. It has a height of about 500 mm inscribed circle diameter of 1.8 m.
Arena located directly on the lawn grass. The first bars of the bottom row in the amount of 6 pieces through the existing holes connected to each other with wire pins. The ends of the pins in the base bars are folded in to the site. Put the resulting number of bars in the form of hexagon to the turf to Put the pins alternately, the following series of slats. In the same way, put all the remaining bars. After installing the latest, the eighth row is folded around the protruding portion of the wire pin. After the treatment, Reiki is impregnated with a solution that protects them from moisture.
We collect this arena for 15 — 20 minutes. The children enjoy and from the fact that help grandfather, participating (as adults) in the Assembly process.
Very attractive product, from my point of view, is a prefabricated swimming-pool-fountain. It is easy to manufacture and assemble, reliable in operation, and most importantly, affordable for every vacationer.
To create a pool of internal bowl of the arena lay out plastic film with dimensions of 3×3 m, the edges of the film on the top bars securely fix. Fill the bowl with water using a garden hose. The assembled construction of the pool is quite stable, and the water pressure protects the design from loosening.
Impromptu pool out of the arena with the use of greenhouse film
Impromptu pool out of the arena with the use of greenhouse film
Makeshift fountain on the basis of the arena
A makeshift fountain on the basis of the arena
When the pool is not swimming, dad puts the pump with different nozzles and turns the pool into a fountain. Mounted fountain looks especially good when the pump nozzle is in the center of the pool. The principle of operation of the pump (for example, room for decorative “waterfalls”), is plugged in, is that it sucks water from the pool in a closed cycle, so the fountain works in offline mode. It not only beautifies the garden, but also brings real benefits, refreshing air on a hot day. And the sound of water from the running fountain is mesmerizing and gives a special charm to the country site.
Also parts of this “country of design” we’ve built a mini pergola width and length of 1 m and a height of about 2 m.
For it took the following parts:
bars sizes 1200x40x30 mm — 100 PCs., 400x40x30 mm — 24 PCs, 200x40x30 mm — 68 PCs.; spacer remote (from hardwood cuttings or hose) diameter and height 30 mm — 104 pieces; pins AR wire 2.5 mm2 x 2500 mm — 2 PCs, 2.5 mm2 x 1500 mm — 2 PCs.
This mini-gazebo is used as a hothouse for cultivation of vegetables and flower seedlings, placing in the bright, Sunny suburban area In this role design is used only in the spring.
Main Assembly
The main elements of the build:
A—block, B of the wire tie of the set of bars; spacer for making gazebos

When assembling the gazebos were used mainly the same technology as for the arena, as well as film greenhouse plastic dimensions 1000х1000х2 mm — 5 PCs. Bars of the bottom row (4 pieces) size 1200x40x30 mm connecting pins with a wire 2.5 m long through the holes, drilled 70 mm from the ends. From the access opening in the lower bar, retreating from the ends 430 mm, through the additional hole to set up two pin length of 1 m; they take the side bars size 400x40x30 mm, alternating with cylindrical spacers. For the final fixation of the bars bend any pins in the node.
Opposite from the entrance side of the Antero-lateral angle is formed at the same time: put on the pins alternately on the bars with a length of 1200 mm to a height of 0.8 m And higher in the front corners set stones size 200х40х30 mm and cylindrical spacers, through the holes of which miss the pins. On the back side put the stones length 1200 mm, to the height of about ten bricks above the front rows to form a roof. To give rigidity set horizontally at a height of about 1.3 m and 1.6 m for one row of tie bars with a length of 1200 mm.
The roof frame is formed by two inclined bar length 1250 mm, installed at an angle Purlin roof make bars with a length of 1200 mm. also with cylindrical spacers between them. They were collected again two pin 2.5 mm from APV2. For safety, fix the roof on the frame in several places with a flexible aluminum wire in a vinyl sheath.
In the rainy period in the spring from all sides of the greenhouse tight transparent plastic film which is fixed mounted inside at the desired height shelves of bars for growing them vegetable and flower seedlings. The growth of plants the distance between the shelves increased. On the back side of the greenhouse set the thermometer and periodically provide ventilation through the doorway.
In June, when the school will, to the country take out all their children to breathe healthy, not contaminated exhaust air. Then we remove the plastic wrap, turning it into a gazebo, and set at different heights, shelves and seats.
The children use the greenhouse-gazebo as the hut for games and eating outdoors. And installing the wheel, make the construction a toy truck cab.
At the end of the season, usually in late autumn, design assorted. Check the status of each rail and, if required, further process them with antiseptic, and then store indoors until spring.
V. BIRKO, Kharkov

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