POND AND WATERFALL IN THE GARDENOn a hot day, so want to swim or just sit in the shade near the water. But most of the garden plots are located away from ponds and rivers, and swimming can only dream of. But if one were to build a simple pond right on the site? Decorative pond with a diameter of about two meters and a depth of 80-90 cm is easy to build for one or two days. And need for building only greenhouse polyethylene film or roofing felt (for waterproofing), clay and sand.

First, dig a pit for the pond with a margin of 20-30 cm from the Walls must be sloped. At the bottom lay the 10-15-cm layer of well-kneaded clay and carefully flatten it lightly dampening with water. Allow the clay to dry, then place the second layer exactly the same thickness. Sprinkle the top of fine gravel or pebbles and, without waiting for drying, tamp the end of a wide Board.
Plastic film or tar paper (roofing felt) will allow you to do without clay. The bottom of the pit pour a thin (6-8 cm) layer of sand and several layers of cover film. Sprinkle top pebbles or gravel. The pool is ready. Of course, it is not very good for swimming, but to plunge into the heat. And if to it around plants, shrubs, to decorate large stones, your own pond will be, perhaps, the most comfortable corner of the garden. Water is the easiest way to haul buckets or pour out of the hose. Try to change it at least once every two weeks. Otherwise it will “blossom”. If the pond most of the day under the sun, the water is quickly warmed. And that it does not evaporate, pour in water granules or small pieces of foam. This screen not only will prevent water from evaporation, but also serve as a heat protective “fur coat”, and you will be able at its discretion to adjust the temperature of the pool water. And here’s another way. Cover the pool frame with a stretched plastic film. You can just pull it to the metal arches from the greenhouse. They are installed at the edges of the pool. The film reliably protects the water from overheating or cooling, and do not let it evaporate.
If, however, you will not regret work, it is possible to build a pool similar to the mountainous area of the country, with Alpine plants, rocky landscape and a system of waterfalls. The water is constantly circulated in a circle. Low-power electric pump (for example, “baby”) pumps water from the pool and through the pipe or rubber hose delivers it to the hill, built of stones. From there it gravity flows down through the small rapids. It looks very nice.
The bottom of the future swimming pool it is necessary to lay rebar, wire mesh and pour a layer of concrete, thickness 10-15 see to make it easy. For this you will need the cement (brands “300”, “400” and above), sand and gravel. The latter can be replaced with gravel or small pebbles.
Device pool
Device pool “b”.
1 — pump 2 — suction hose; 3 — rapids waterfall; 4 — drain pipe; 5 — bowl of water-demanding plants; 6 — cable of the pump.
It is best to use in the construction of the pool of so-called “cast” concrete. If you have cement grade “300”, for preparation of a solution of one weight part of cement take 2.5 parts of sand and 4 of gravel. To one weight part of cement “400” taken 3 parts of sand and gravel 4.5. Water makes up 60-70% of the total weight of all components.
Mix the concrete in a box the size of 100x100x60 cm with a bottom of galvanized iron. Mixing: measure out by volume the required amount of sand, pour it into the box, add cement (dry) and shoveled until then, until you get a solid color mass. It added gravel and shoveled again 3-4 times. The resulting mixture should be slightly moistened from a garden watering can.
Until the concrete has dried, sprinkle a thin layer of cement and RUB it with a brush as long as the concrete surface will not become smooth, slightly shiny look and cease to be rubbed. This process is called the dry topping and significantly increases water resistance of concrete.
To keep the water in rainy weather was not overwhelmed with the pool and not flooded area, suggest to equip it with a drainage pipe with filter. To bring her best in the gutter or, if possible, in a special pit-pit 1X1 m and a depth of 1.5—2 m In the middle of the pit fold small hill of rubble stone or boulders and make it the end of the drain pipe. The rest of the space fill large gravel, slag, or small rubble stone. On top of the pit gidroizolirovat several layers of roofing felt and covered with soil layer of thickness 40 cm.
Of course, such a pool is not a pond but don’t go too far and watch out for your younger brothers and sisters. Bathe them only in the presence of adults!

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