REIKI THERE ARE NO BOARDSFor many years KDM constantly introduces its readers with a variety of furniture designs, designed for independent production unfortunately, as the email, ie all from home masters who wish to start working, can take up the repetition. This is especially true for residents of large cities the Main reason is the lack of “building material” or, in the best case, having at hand only the very lean range. So today, in response to numerous requests, we bring to your attention a set of garden furniture, which can do virtually the same “size” — reek with section 20×30 mm will need in just a few bars of the cross section tion 20х50 mm.

The kit is intended for the equipment of a country house and veranda. It consists of two chairs of pavok, a low table and pair of stools. The latter can be used as an original outdoor lamps Additional elements that give the completeness in the design can be “stepped” shelves for flowers or books and bed headboard All items you can easily transform the changing in the process of manufacturing dimensions, in accordance with specific conditions, and also varying the number.
The principle of construction of all elements of the headset one is a simple space frame of beams, obreshetiny rails Basic dimensions are shown in the figures, the Connection parts of the frames are performed on the screws from the greasing of the joints with carpenter’s glue.
Set of garden furniture
Set of garden furniture:
A – chair, B – table, In the bookcase, Mr. stool (lamp), D – headboard for the bed.
To give “cuiping” appearance of wooden parts after viskazivaniya covered by two layers of clear furniture Polish. If the kit you intend to use and under the open sky, the slats should proolifit and to paint with oil paint.

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