SECRETS VENTILATIONTo maintain proper cellar temperature and humidity it is equipped with good ventilation. In this case, set two pipes – exhaust and supply air, the lower hole for better ventilation placed in two levels and, if possible, in opposite areas of the cellar. The inlet of the exhaust pipe is placed at the top, near the ceiling, and the supply at the bottom and at a height of 50 – 60 cm from the floor (Fig.1).

The movement of air through the ventilation pipe occurs due to the difference of weights of cold outdoor and warm indoor air, so that the ventilation system is natural.

Exhaust pipe to create a stable thrust output above the ridge of the roof and within the attic or doing Pogrebite insulated (double).

The cross section of the vent pipe is selected depending on the area of the cellar. For the cellar area of 6-8 m2 cross-section of the exhaust pipe -120×120 mm (there is an additional inflow of outside air through cracks and openings in doors and hatches). If you do only one pipe, the cross-section it is taken not less than 150×150 mm.


Fig. 1. Device ventilation

Fig. 1. Device ventilation:

1 – inlet pipe; 2 – exhaust pipe; 3 -insulation (double wall exhaust pipe)


Fig. 2. Fixture for adjusting the thrust

Fig. 2. Devices for adjusting thrust:

1 – the vent pipe into two channels; 2 – the valve (box-latch)


Fig. 3. The ventilation pipe using petrolania

Fig. 3. The ventilation pipe using petrolania:

1 – the vent pipe into two channels; 2 – dividing Board


Fig. 4. The scheme of fixing vent pipe to slab

Fig. 4. The scheme of fixing vent pipe to ceiling:

1 – box ventilation pipe; 2 – mounting bars; 3 – overlap; A – pipe sectional


Pipes are made of thick (30-40 mm), well-fitted and tightly nailed together boards, supplied them with valves (valves) and valves for adjusting traction and prevent draughts (Fig. 2).

You can make one vent pipe with metrolinien (Fig. 3). For this purpose it is divided vertically into two channels. One of them seeps into the cellar, and on the other is pushed out. Within Pogrebite vent pipe insulated – its outer wall is double to maintain the temperature difference in the cellar and outside. A vent pipe equipped with a valve (valve), which is moving up and down, regulate the ventilation and temperature and humidity levels of the cellar (Fig.2).

Valves can be individual for each channel.

It is very important to hold the fixture vent pipe, as this determines the quality of ventilation (Fig. 4).

The efficiency of the device check the attachment to outlet pipes light pieces of paper and watching the air (convection) currents of air. More cold and dense air flows under the air currents of heated air can be used smoke and to cause air circulation in the cellar put a bucket of boiling water or hot coals.

Ventilation made by the rules, it turns out unworkable, leading to a deterioration of food preservation (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Improper ventilation device

Fig. 5. Improper ventilation device:

pipe (1, 2) does not have an adjusting valve; located at the same level and in the upper part


Fig. 6. Entrance to cellar

Fig. 6. Entrance to cellar:

1 – lattice door for ventilation; 2 – door; 3 – the walls of the vestibule


Signs of inadequate ventilation: musty, stale air, a feeling of dampness, mold, and droplets of condensation on the ceiling, walls, bins and racks, sweating the top layer of potatoes in susek.

To reduce the humidity in the cellar increase ventilation (open the valves of the air pipes and the hatch) or make a box of salt or charcoal, which absorb moisture well. To lower excessive humidity, arrange cross-ventilation: open doors, because air movement reduces humidity. Internal doors make lattice (Fig. 6). At the same time make the cellar a box of quicklime, which has the ability to absorb water.

To the contrary, to increase the humidity, it is necessary to spray water, and even better – sprinkle the floor with wet sawdust or to put a box with wet sand.

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