AND THE UMBRELLA - PLACEIn the hallway, even the smallest, there is always a place for clothes – any design hanger and shoes – a special floor rack or kolesnica. Even scarves, hats and gloves possible to attach. And only umbrellas always as restless, especially after rain when they are wet: where to define them? – surely beneath them formed a puddle.


However, the problem can be solved simply by making simple and very handy stand santonico offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”: with a minimum of occupied space (literally Piglet) to hold umbrellas the whole family. Form stand — in the form of inverted truncated hollow pyramids. At the top widest part down umbrellas and narrow with additional hemisphere at the base is a supporting part.

Santonica can be assembled from planks or plywood. But for greater massiveness with the objective of sustainability it is possible to use the pieces of chipboard (DSP). Water from the corners of the rack attaches the extra-long handle for ease of use.

The illustration shows the version of the rack made of chipboard. Initially procured three of the same panel in the form of an elongated isosceles triangles. For the joint Assembly between the mating edges of the side walls with gracioso of a file or rough emery stone is processed so as to provide a snug fit of the edges to each other.




1 — stand-base; 2 — panel stand; 3 — handle; 4 —the bottom rack.
A — panel Assembly, with the top sawn off

After a preliminary adjustment is made by Assembly of panels. The easiest way to implement it with nails. The top of the pyramid is cut with a hacksaw. Here then should make a small cut chipboard and draw on the inner contour of the hole (with the necessary seam allowance) — get the layout for cutting out the bottom of the rack. It is desirable that the bottom into the hole as tightly as possible. Install it on the adhesive and additionally fixed with nails also. Previously in the center of the bottom drill hole for bolt connection with the supporting stand. In the corner between the panels are inserted and fastened with nails, a wooden rod handle for ease of moving santonica. If suitable rod is not — at the top of one of the panels to make for these purposes, the slot under the arm.

It remains to attach a supporting stand. The figure shows the option of using prepared plastic or metal hemispheres (e.g., bowls); but there is another, inlaid: rectangular and several smaller slide triangular or rectangular workpieces.

In the first embodiment, the bottom hemisphere, you need to insert (wooden disk) — bolt connection of the support flap with a bottom rack. To increase the stability of santonica into the cavity of the support during the Assembly to introduce any additional weighting (metal, sand, etc.).


Preparation of support stand: drilled Assembly hole for bolting with plate rack

Preparation stand reference: drilled Assembly hole for bolted connection with a bottom stand

Base santonica

The base of santonica:

1 — case (any finished hemisphere); 2 insert (auxiliary drive); 3 — connecting bolt with nut


If for the manufacture of racks used lined panel (the so-called furniture Board), the finished structure may be additionally coated with varnish; if it is particle Board with exposed surfaces, you must paint them in several layers both outside and inside, bright oil or enamel paints — to santonica looked beautiful, and most importantly — is not afraid of moisture.

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