SHOWER PANELMany years write your journal. This is a real helper to those who are doing something with their hands. We live in the South of Ukraine, there is a building material, as timber, is the deficit. Many of my neighbors are gardeners began to put the farm buildings are made of cement panels of their own making. Some buildings have a wall thickness of only 1.5—2 cm and not inferior in strength of structures made of other materials. In his garden plot I built on this technology, the shower, the basement — turned out pretty good. And I want to share with readers. I think will be useful to many.

Who does not dream to have in your suburban area shower? Nice to cool off in hot weather after the garden chores. Even nicer if shower not hammered together from wood and old rusty iron, but neat and comfortable.

Here is an example of such a solution — a shower of small home-made concrete panels. The source material is chosen as the most accessible, relatively cheap and durable.
Izgotovlenie shower enclosure requires 0.2 m3 of concrete, reinforcement bars (steel mesh) and a wire diameter of 1 mm for the cords.
Start with a cooking table on which otlichayutsya wall and ceiling panel. Its surface should be smooth, so on top of stacked sheet metal or particle Board. When the table is used level.
On the table consistently stack the box formwork of the walls and ceiling. Prepare the appropriate pre-embedded elements — everything that will be included in the panel: window and door frames, frames, ventilation ducts, fire doors, fittings, wooden parts-plugs for the attachment of interior equipment and metal pins for reassembly of the structure.
The formwork is made from calculating the thickness of walls of 40 mm, but can be thinner; for ceiling 25 mm, if it is not suppose to ustanavlivat barrels and the like.
Casting wall panels
Casting wall panels:
1 —table; 2 — formwork (wood block, 50×50); 3 — details of the mortgage for Assembly; 4 film; 5 — valve.
Sealing of fasteners in a wall hole

Sealing of fasteners in a wall hole:
I1— wall; 2 — washer; 3 — bolt; 4 — solution.
Finished panel shower

The finished panels shower:
A — front; B — right; — back; — left (with outer furnace door of the boiler).
Assembly of the wall panels

The sub-Assembly of wall panels:
1 —walls; 2 — pins mortgages; 3 — bundle wire.
Connecting wall panels with ceiling

Connecting wall panels with ceiling:
1 — wall, 2 — ceiling, 3 — pin mortgage; 4 — nut M8; 5 — washer; 6 —solution.

The following diagrams show the highlights of the preparatory works and the main components of the design. To get a beautiful outer surface of the panels, the table is pre-laid plastic sheeting. To give in some places a decorative relief under the film poured a layer of sand in which the hands or with special devices otyskivat patterns, or bottom of the wall lay out stone panel.
Before filling the casing with a solution of dispense valves so that at the time of concreting she was in the middle of the panel thickness. Wooden boxes of Windows and doors on each side of drive in nails — for better anchorage in the concrete. In places where it is assumed the subsequent installation of internal equipment (piping, faucets, racks, etc.) set of wooden conical plugs. After Assembly they blow, and in their place put appropriate fasteners and sealed solution.
Panel-floor lay directly on the ground assigned area pre-leveled for a level and thoroughly tamp (using sand bags). The formwork of wooden bars put from calculation of the thickness of the floor of 40-50 mm. film is placed Inside, place rebar, Foundation bar under the drain channel and fill with concrete.
Some tips for the preparation of concrete. The spacious box with a smooth bottom or just on the sheet metal poured two buckets of coarse sand, which, mixing constantly, add a bucket of cement. The mixture was thoroughly stirred to become homogeneous. Then continuing to stir, poured four buckets of gravel or small rubble. Top make indentation and pour small portions of water. The resulting mixture check breakdown “on the shovel” several times by striking it with the flat part of the bayonet: if between the particles of gravel are visible voids — concrete that is too thick; slight dip shovels into the mix suggests that the concrete is liquid. The mixture is used fresh, immediately filling the formwork.
The solution in the mold while drying, cracking is the process “holding back”, covering the panel with sacking or straw and watering from time to time with water. Ten days later, the panel is put on an edge to dessiatina. When laying the formwork of the ceiling in advance to provide openings for subsequent fixing it to the pin walls, but also under fu-BU hot water boiler. With this in mind, it is sufficient to lay the appropriate wooden plugs, pre-calculating their location (the figures are approximate sizes).
With final Assembly of the prepared elements of the cabin a group of six people cope for half an hour. The walls put on the floor in the solution, bonding wire pins are embedded. Then also on the solution put a ceiling. If the concrete quality is not important, the ceiling can get wet, so the top of the roof, it is advisable to cover with roofing felt and tar. All the cracks sealed solution, and irregularities of the walls will be overwritten wooden plastering float. Then make the floor Sandstone tile, install metal grate over the drain channel. The outside corners of the cabin decorated with granite stones or pebbles.
Casting ceiling panel
Casting ceiling panel:
1 — formwork; 2 film; 3 — armature; 4 — tube cage Assembly holes (8 PCs); 5 — tube mortgage for pipe of the boiler; 6— tube cage for water pipes (2 PCs.)

Casting sex
Casting gender:
1 —timbering; 2 — detail of the mortgage drain; 3 — valves; 4 — the area of excavation.
Installing the wall panels on the floor

Installation of wall panels on the floor.
Diagram of hot water boiler samovar type
Diagram of hot water boiler samovar type:
1 — tube-boiler; 2 — flue pipe; 3 — cover of the boiler; 4 — cap the chimney; 5 — nozzle hot node (output); 6 — inlet of cold water (input); 7 — flange pipe installation.
Wiring diagram for tank, boiler and water pipe with the mixer

Wiring diagram for tank, boiler and water with a mixer:
1 — tap drain; 2 — water boiler; 3 — a tank of cold water (150-200 l); 4 — hot water valve; 5 — switch; 6 — cold water faucet; 7 — mixer.

If the cab mounted water tank — 150-200 liters per barrel, its frame should be based on the junction of the ceiling with the walls. Barrel painted in black color for best to minimize self-heating, and around it put a frame with glass or plastic covering for the greenhouse effect.
In the cool period it is desirable to have boiler — purchased or homemade. To place it outside the shower, but it is better inside, as this will be warmed and the room itself. A furnace door to bring the outside side panel. Some people prefer open top boiler (samovar) from a thin-walled (2 mm) coarse with a diameter of 200 mm, It takes up little space, safe to operation and convenient for disassembly and cleaning. Install it on the firebox using a large flange to which is also fastened on the flange passing inside the boiler flue pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. supply Pipe cold water placed at the bottom of the boiler, and the hot — top. The connections shown in the diagram.
With light steam, gardeners-gardeners!

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